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322nd Bomb Group

NameSerial #TypeUnit
Idiot's Delight41-34847B-26C-5-MO322nd Bomb Group, 451st Bomb SquadronIdiot's Delight
Li'l Po'kchop41-18250B-26B-10-MA322nd Bomb Group, 451st Bomb SquadronLi'l Po'kchop
Miss 28th Seabee43-34307B-26G-5-MA322nd Bomb GroupMiss 28th Seabee
Pickled Dilly41-18276B-26B-10-MA322nd Bomb Group, 451st Bomb SquadronPickled Dilly
Texas PeacemakerB-26322nd Bomb Group, 451st Bomb SquadronTexas Peacemaker
Too Much of Texas41-17985B-26B-4322nd Bomb GroupToo Much of Texas

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