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303rd Bomb Group

NameSerial #TypeUnit
Connecticut Yankee42-29629B-17F-60-BO303rd Bomb Group, 358th Bomb SquadronConnecticut Yankee
Flak Wolf42-3131B-17F-25-DL303rd Bomb Group, 427th Bomb SquadronFlak Wolf
Idaliza42-97546B-17G-20-VE303rd Bomb Group, 360th Bomb SquadronIdaliza
Jersey Bounce Jr42-29664B-17303rd Bomb Group, 358th Bomb SquadronJersey Bounce Jr
Lady Luck42-5434B-17F-50-BO303rd Bomb Group, 360th Bomb SquadronLady Luck
The Little Woman42-5393B-17F-50-BO303rd Bomb Group, 360th Bomb SquadronThe Little Woman
Meat Hound42-29524B-17F-55-BO303rd Bomb Group, 359th Bomb SquadronMeat Hound
Miss Liberty42-31340B-17G-15-BO303rd Bomb Group, 360th Bomb SquadronMiss Liberty
Pistol Packin Mama42-31213B-17G-5-BO303rd Bomb Group, 359th Bomb SquadronPistol Packin Mama
Sad Sack42-29520B-17F-55-BO303rd Bomb Group, 427th Bomb SquadronSad Sack
Sad Sak II303rd Bomb Group, 360th Bomb SquadronSad Sak II
Satan's Workshop42-29931B-17F-75-BO303rd Bomb Group, 360th Bomb SquadronSatan's Workshop
Spirit of Flak-Wolf42-31616B-17G-20-BO303rd Bomb Group, 427th Bomb SquadronSpirit of Flak-Wolf
Tennessee HillbillyB-17303rd Bomb Group, 427th Bomb SquadronTennessee Hillbilly
Winning Run42-29944B-17F-80-BO303rd Bomb Group, 427th Bomb SquadronWinning Run

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