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306th Bomb Group

NameSerial #TypeUnit
Eager Beaver41-24487B-17F-10-BO306th Bomb Group, 368th Bomb SquadronEager Beaver
Grim Reaper41-24467B-17F-10-BO306th Bomb Group, 368th Bomb SquadronGrim Reaper
Maryland My Maryland42-29554B-17F-60-BO306th Bomb Group, 367th Bomb SquadronMaryland My Maryland
Montana PowerB-17306th Bomb Group, 368th Bomb SquadronMontana Power
Seelos Sleeper41-9152B-17E306th Bomb Group, 368th Bomb SquadronSeelos Sleeper
Sons of Fury41-24470B-17F-10-BO306th Bomb Group, 368th Bomb SquadronSons of Fury
Steady Hedy42-97181B-17G-45-BO306th Bomb Group, 369th Bomb SquadronSteady Hedy
Yankee Raider41-24507B-17F-20-BO306th Bomb Group, 368th Bomb SquadronYankee Raider

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