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90th Bomb Group

NameSerial #TypeUnit
Buck Benny Rides Again44-40340B-2490th Bomb Group, 400th Bomb SquadronBuck Benny Rides Again
Double Trouble42-4035890th Bomb Group, 320th Bomb SquadronDouble Trouble
Heavenly Body42-7348490th Bomb Group, 400th Bomb SquadronHeavenly Body
Louisiana Lullaby42-63986B-2490th Bomb Group, 319th Bomb SquadronLouisiana Lullaby
Pistol Packin Mama42-40594B-2490th Bomb GroupPistol Packin Mama
Queen Of Hearts44-4018590th Bomb Group, 320th Bomb SquadronQueen Of Hearts
Sad Sack42-7378590th Bomb Group, 320th Bomb SquadronSad Sack

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