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43rd Bomb Group

NameSerial #TypeUnit
Cocktail Hour44-40428B-24J-160-CO43rd Bomb GroupCocktail Hour
Double Trouble42-4067143rd Bomb Group, 64th Bomb SquadronDouble Trouble
The Dragon And His Tail44-40973B-24J-190-CO43rd Bomb GroupThe Dragon And His Tail
It Ain't So Funny44-40853B-24J-185-CO43rd Bomb GroupIt Ain't So Funny
Jersey Skeeter41-2664B-17D43rd Bomb Group, 64th Bomb SquadronJersey Skeeter
Kentucky Virgin42-41053B-2443rd Bomb Group, 403rd Bomb SquadronKentucky Virgin
Mabel's Labels44-49853B-24L-15-FO43rd Bomb GroupMabel's Labels
Michigan44-40429B-2443rd Bomb Group, 64th Bomb SquadronMichigan

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