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98th Bomb Group

NameSerial #TypeUnit
Alice the Goon41-11786B-24D-CO98th Bomb GroupAlice the Goon
Arkansas Traveler41-11809B-2498th Bomb Group, 345th Bomb SquadronArkansas Traveler
Arkansas Traveler41-23781B-24D-5-CO98th Bomb GroupArkansas Traveler
Arkansas Traveller41-11616B-2498th Bomb Group, 343rd Bomb SquadronArkansas Traveller
Dopey42-40268B-24D-45-CO98th Bomb GroupDopey
Jersey Jackass41-11776B-24D-CO98th Bomb Group, 343rd Bomb SquadronJersey Jackass
Jersey JerksB-2498th Bomb GroupJersey Jerks
Little Chief Big Dog41-11825B-24D-CO98th Bomb GroupLittle Chief Big Dog
Sad Sack42-40208B-24D-35-CO98th Bomb Group, 344th Bomb SquadronSad Sack

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