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20th Combat Mapping Squadron

NameSerial #TypeUnit
American Beauty42-73045B-24J-5-CO (F-7A20th Combat Mapping SquadronAmerican Beauty
Damfino42-40655B-24D20th Combat Mapping SquadronDamfino
Hangover Haven II42-64053B-24J-1-CF (F-7A20th Combat Mapping SquadronHangover Haven II
Hot PantsC-4720th Combat Mapping SquadronHot Pants
Patched Up Piece42-64047B-24 F-7A20th Combat Mapping SquadronPatched Up Piece
Photo Queen42-73049B-24 F-7A20th Combat Mapping SquadronPhoto Queen
St Louis Blues42-64172B-24J-5-CF (F-7A20th Combat Mapping SquadronSt Louis Blues
the Wango Wango Bird42-64048B-24 F-7A20th Combat Mapping Squadronthe Wango Wango Bird

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