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56th Fighter Group

NameSerial #TypeUnit
Carolina Sunshine42-75040P-4756th Fighter Group, 62nd Fighter SquadronCarolina Sunshine
Hewlett-Woodmere, Long Island41-7938P-47D-15-RE56th Fighter Group, 62nd Fighter SquadronHewlett-Woodmere, Long Island
Jackson County, Michigan. Fighter42-7877P-4756th Fighter Group, 61st SquadronJackson County, Michigan. Fighter
Kentucky Pud II42-2248156th Fighter Group, 62nd Fighter SquadronKentucky Pud II
Louisianna PirateP-4756th Fighter GroupLouisianna Pirate
Michigan MaulerP-47C56th Fighter Group, 63rd SquadronMichigan Mauler
North Dakota KidP-4756th Fighter Group, 62nd Fighter SquadronNorth Dakota Kid
Oregon's Britannia42-26413P-47D-22-RE56th Fighter Group, 63rd SquadronOregon's Britannia
Pistol Packin Mama56th Fighter Group, 61st SquadronPistol Packin Mama
Redondo Beach - California42-7880P-4756th Fighter Group, 61st SquadronRedondo Beach - California
The Sad Sack41-634356th Fighter Group, 62nd Fighter SquadronThe Sad Sack
Scarsdale Scout44-19868P-47D-28-RE56th Fighter Group, 63rd SquadronScarsdale Scout
Spirit Of Atlantic City NJ42-8487P-4756th Fighter Group, 63rd SquadronSpirit Of Atlantic City NJ
Spirit Of Bellflower, California42-7979P-4756th Fighter Group, 62nd Fighter SquadronSpirit Of Bellflower, California
Spirit Of Crawford County42-26316P-4756th Fighter Group, 63rd SquadronSpirit Of Crawford County
Women Of Birmingham AlabamaP-47 ??56th Fighter Group, 62nd Fighter SquadronWomen Of Birmingham Alabama

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