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NameSerial #TypeUnit
135th SeabeesB-29Unknown135th Seabees
18th SeabeesB-29Unknown18th Seabees
49th Regiment (Seabees)42-65257B-29-20-MOUnknown49th Regiment (Seabees)
A Token for TokioPV-1UnknownA Token for Tokio
A Ventura GoshPV-1 VenturaUnknownA Ventura Gosh
A Ventura Gosh!PV-1UnknownA Ventura Gosh!
Ace HighC-47UnknownAce High
Ace of (Hearts)C-47UnknownAce of (Hearts)
Ambulance Plane #142-32836C-47-DLUnknownAmbulance Plane #1
Aren't Those New Blockbusters BeautifulPV-1 VenturaUnknownAren't Those New Blockbusters Beautiful
Arkansas TravelerC-47UnknownArkansas Traveler
Athens Golden EagleP-51UnknownAthens Golden Eagle
Block Captain Rockville Centre, NYP-47UnknownBlock Captain Rockville Centre, NY
Borough Of Hellerton42-8301P-47UnknownBorough Of Hellerton
California ElksB-17GUnknownCalifornia Elks
CatharinaHorsa GliderUnknownCatharina
Charlotte MC-47UnknownCharlotte M
City Of Atlanta44-69788B-29-60-BWUnknownCity Of Atlanta
City Of Centralia, IllinoisB-17FUnknownCity Of Centralia, Illinois
City of CoronadoB-24UnknownCity of Coronado
City Of DentonUnknownCity Of Denton
City Of Fort Worth41-11588B-24D-CFUnknownCity Of Fort Worth
City Of Healdsburg California42-8460P-47D-5-REUnknownCity Of Healdsburg California
City of Kings Mountain North CarolinaB-17FUnknownCity of Kings Mountain North Carolina
City of NapaUnknownCity of Napa
City of Palm SpringsB-25UnknownCity of Palm Springs
City of SpringfieldP-47UnknownCity of Springfield
Cold Turkey SuckaC-47UnknownCold Turkey Sucka
Course We WillPV-1 VenturaUnknownCourse We Will
Double Trouble (CBI)F-82GUnknownDouble Trouble (CBI)
Ellwood Avenger42-103644P-51-5-NTUnknownEllwood Avenger
General Federation of Woman's ClubsB-17FUnknownGeneral Federation of Woman's Clubs
Go Get Em, Pal!PV-1UnknownGo Get Em, Pal!
Goodby Hitler!PV-1UnknownGoodby Hitler!
Got no time for yips or yaps....PV-1UnknownGot no time for yips or yaps....
He's Not So Tough FolksPV-1 VenturaUnknownHe's Not So Tough Folks
Hedda HopperC-47UnknownHedda Hopper
I'm Savin' Somethin' Fer The JapsPV-1 VenturaUnknownI'm Savin' Somethin' Fer The Japs
Joplin Jalopy42-50535B-24UnknownJoplin Jalopy
Knox-Co-MoA20 or B25 or B26UnknownKnox-Co-Mo
Kwit-cher-belli-akin PV-1 VenturaUnknownKwit-cher-belli-akin
La FamacB-17UnknownLa Famac
La Rapides Parish LaborB-17GUnknownLa Rapides Parish Labor
Lafayette County MississippiB-17FUnknownLafayette County Mississippi
Lane Tech of ChicagoB-17FUnknownLane Tech of Chicago
Let them come gang...B-17 possibly a YB-40UnknownLet them come gang...
Linthicum HeightsWoman's ClubP-51UnknownLinthicum HeightsWoman's Club
Lookin Fer Trouble42-23587C-47A-30-DLUnknownLookin Fer Trouble
Looks like we hit the Jap-potBuNo 48919PV-1UnknownLooks like we hit the Jap-pot
M. Mouse LoansPV-1UnknownM. Mouse Loans
Maine FlyerC-54UnknownMaine Flyer
Mickey MouseP-47UnknownMickey Mouse
Miss Brazoria County, TexasB-24DUnknownMiss Brazoria County, Texas
Miss Greater City Kansas41-29648B-25D-NCUnknownMiss Greater City Kansas
Mrs Margaret CarnesC-47UnknownMrs Margaret Carnes
Our Gunners Can Make Five O's 5PV-1 VenturaUnknownOur Gunners Can Make Five O's 5
Perquimans County, N.C.B-17FUnknownPerquimans County, N.C.
Pidgeon CoopB-24UnknownPidgeon Coop
The Potent PelicanC-47UnknownThe Potent Pelican
Rodef Shalom CongregationUnknownRodef Shalom Congregation
San Jose Hi-School41-30609B-25D-20-NCUnknownSan Jose Hi-School
Scarlett O'Hara42-6478C-53-DOUnknownScarlett O'Hara
Shucks 10 Japs In 10 Minutes Now What Will We DoPV-1 VenturaUnknownShucks 10 Japs In 10 Minutes Now What Will We Do
Slapsie MaxieC-47UnknownSlapsie Maxie
Spirit Of 4-H Club WorkB24UnknownSpirit Of 4-H Club Work
Spirit Of BataanB-17UnknownSpirit Of Bataan
Spirit Of ClevelandB-17UnknownSpirit Of Cleveland
Spirit of Coconio CountyUnknownSpirit of Coconio County
Spirit Of Elks, Binghampton NY42-103644P-51C-5NTUnknownSpirit Of Elks, Binghampton NY
Spirit of Frostproof, FloridaB-25UnknownSpirit of Frostproof, Florida
Spirit Of Jackson Heights - Queens CountyB-24UnknownSpirit Of Jackson Heights - Queens County
Spirit Of MontesanoB-24UnknownSpirit Of Montesano
Spirit Of Richmond, MichP-51B ???UnknownSpirit Of Richmond, Mich
Spirit of the US Cadet Nurse CorpsB-29UnknownSpirit of the US Cadet Nurse Corps
Springfield Armory No144-8158B-17GUnknownSpringfield Armory No1
Sunshine CityB-24DUnknownSunshine City
Super Race Huh PV-1 VenturaUnknownSuper Race Huh
Sweet SueC-47UnknownSweet Sue
Texan Thunderbolt44-88807P-47N-5UnknownTexan Thunderbolt
Texas QueenC-53-DLUnknownTexas Queen
Texas QueenB-26UnknownTexas Queen
Texas TornadoC-47UnknownTexas Tornado
That's The Finish For That Sub PilotPV-1 VenturaUnknownThat's The Finish For That Sub Pilot
UnknownB17 or B24UnknownUnknown
Unknown?Aircraft of 15th Air ForceUnknownUnknown?Aircraft of 15th Air Force
War Bond Plane #2842-26046P-47D-22-REUnknownWar Bond Plane #28
War Bond Plane #4542-26421P-47D-22-REUnknownWar Bond Plane #45
The Waukegan FlashB-24UnknownThe Waukegan Flash
We can take care of em up here!PV-1UnknownWe can take care of em up here!
We've got their numberPV-1UnknownWe've got their number
Weather Witch44-49506B-24L-10-FOUnknownWeather Witch
Where is the Duce?PV-1UnknownWhere is the Duce?
Wichita Falls42-103644P-51C-5NTUnknownWichita Falls
Winged VictoryUnknownWinged Victory
Women of East St LouisP-47DUnknownWomen of East St Louis
Women of St Clair CountyP-47DUnknownWomen of St Clair County
Wow Look At All The PV-1'sPV-1 VenturaUnknownWow Look At All The PV-1's
Yanks DelightC-47UnknownYanks Delight

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