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Tails To Noses Over Berlin

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Tails To Noses Over Berlin

By Ray Bowden

"... it arrived three hours ago and I still have my nose in it. You have captured the very essence of 'Big B'. I won't sleep soundly for a week! .... I was shot down over Erkner."
(J. G. , Stamford, CT -- 448BG veteran)

"No turgid history this but a lively account of what it was like to fly to Germany's capital... If you want to get a feel for what it must have been like to fly to Berlin... then this book will give you a good idea..."
(Wingspan, April 1996)

"The depth and clarity of presentation is just simply outstanding..."
(B.T. , Wetumpka, AL -- 100BG veteran)

"I have been enjoying your book and plan to continue reading it over and over for the next several months...."
(R.S. , Charlotte, NC -- 306BG veterans and historian)

"... just received -- superb! Another great book ... a real quality product."
(S.H. , Angus, Scotland -- aviation buff)

"... well written and painstakingly researched.... Bowden successfully captures the essence of the Berlin missions' stark reality while giving scholarly attention to the conflicting views regarding their contribution to the overall war effort.... The book's layout and photos make easy, absorbing reading..."
(91BG's 'Ragged Irregular" journal)

"... the book is so interesting that I can't remember all the major points but will get them the second time round..."
(R.B. , San Antonio, TX -- 94BG veteran)

"I was one of the Berlin missions and your account clarified many things that puzzled me for years..."
(P.G. , Rogue River, OR -- 94BG veteran)

© Ray Bowden 16 June 2024
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