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Naval Construction Battalions (Seabees)

Several B29 Super Fortresses were painted to honour the Naval Construction Battalions(known as "The Seabees"), some 325,000 men, who built the airfields, bridges, roads and hospitals across the Pacific. Working alongside the marines, often under fire, they were truly the unsung heroes of the island war. The Seabees emblem was designed by a civilian employee at the Naval Air Station at Quonset Point. Frank Iafrate had a talent for caricature and was approached by an officer early in January 1942 and asked to design a "Disney-style" emblem for the newly formed Construction Battalions. The busy little bee with the sting in its tail was the result and soon adopted for all CB units.

If you have any photos of any of these aircraft or their crews, can add other examples or identify the artists who painted them please share with me.

NameSerial #TypeUnit
107th Seabees
42-24797B-29-50-BW505th Bomb Group, 484th Bomb Squadron107th Seabees
110th Seabees
44-69982B-29-70-BW444th Bomb Group110th Seabees
112th Seabees
42-24837B-29-50-BW504th Bomb Group112th Seabees
121st Seabees
42-24815B-29-50-BW505th Group, 483rd Squadron121st Seabees
135th Seabees
B-29Unknown135th Seabees
13th Seabees
42-24802B-29-50-BW505th Group, 482nd Squadron13th Seabees
18th Seabees
B-29Unknown18th Seabees
27th Seabees
42-24823B-29-50-BW505th Group, 483rd Squadron27th Seabees
27th Seabees
B-29505th Group27th Seabees
29th Seabees
42-24781B-29-50-BW505th Group, 483rd Squadron29th Seabees
30th CB Regiment
42-65257B-29-20-MO505th Group, 482nd Squadron30th CB Regiment
38th Seabees
505th Group38th Seabees
49th Regiment (Seabees)
42-65257B-29-20-MOUnknown49th Regiment (Seabees)
50th Seabees
50th Seabees
53rd NCB
39th Bomb Group53rd NCB
67th Seabees
42-24809B-29-50-BW505th Group, 482nd Squadron67th Seabees
6th CB Brigade
505th Group, 482nd Squadron6th CB Brigade
70th Battalion
Photo courtesy of 330BG
B-2929th Bomb Group70th Battalion
92nd Seabees
42-24784B-29-50-BW505th Group, 483rd Squadron92nd Seabees
9th Seabees
42-24828B-29-50-BW505th Bomb Group, 484th Bomb Squadron9th Seabees
CBD 1036 Steveadorable
505th Group, 483rd SquadronCBD 1036 Steveadorable
Frenisi 104 Seabees
Embellished on the side of "Frenisi"
42-40323B-24D-50-CO307th Bomb GroupFrenisi 104 Seabees
Goin Hard
42-65155B-25G-1042nd Bomb GroupGoin Hard

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