USAAF Nose Art Research Project


If anyone has information on any person who was responsible for designing and/or painting nose art or flight jackets please contact me.

I am always seeking to record details of military or civilian personnel who carried out this morale-boosting work in the USA or overseas.

Photographs, press cuttings, etc, relating to named planes are always welcome, especially those showing or referring to the artists.

S/Sgt Don E ALLEN, 4th Fighter Group, 334th Fighter Squadron

S/Sgt Sarkis E. BARTIGIAN, 43rd Bomb Group

Phil BRINKMAN, 486th Bomb Group, 834th Bomb Squadron

MSgt Jay COWAN, 490th Bomb Group, 850th Bomb Squadron

Lt Phil DICKEY Jr, 23rd Fighter Group, 118th Tactical Reconnaisance Squadron

Cpl Dick EBBESON, 380th Bomb Group, 528th Bomb Squadron

Cpl Nicholas H FINGELLY, 447th Bomb Group, 709th Bomb Squadron

Jack GAFFNEY, 91st Bomb Group, 401st Bomb Squadron

Norman L HARMS, 12th Bomb Group, 82nd Bomb Squadron

Anne HAYWOOD, American Red Cross Aero Club, 385th Bomb Group

Cpl Henry JOHNSON, 500th Bomb Group, 882nd Bomb Squadron

Cpl Al G MERKLING, 20th Combat Mapping Squadron

S/Sgt Cecil O. LIPPARD, 98th Bomb Group

Amos NICHOLSON, 98th Bomb Group

Hal OLSEN, ITG-31, CASU-44

Capt George RAREY, 362nd Fighter Group, 379th Fighter Squadron

Toni ROBIN, American Red Cross, attached to 380th Bomb Group

Sgt Samuel P. RODMAN, 303rd Bomb Group, 360th Bomb Squadron

Cpl Anthony L STARCER, 91st Bomb Group

Sgt Frank STEVENS, 100th Bomb Group, 351st Bomb Squadron

Sgt Eugene TOWNSEND, 301st Bomb Group, 32nd Bomb Squadron

S/Sgt Lynn E. TRANK, 405th Fighter Group, 510th Fighter Squadron

Sgt Johnnie WHITE, 96th Bomb Group

Sgt Joe E PUMPHREY, 79th Fighter Group, 85th Fighter Squadron

Pfc Joseph ORIGLIO, 307th Bomb Group

B. BALLIET, Unknown

Sgt Charles CHESTNUT, 22nd Bomb Group, 33rd Bomb Squadron

William HORTON, 1st Air Commando

Bill VALENTINE, Naval Construction Battalion (Seabees)

Sgt George M BLACKWELL, 345th Bomb Group, 501st Bomb Squadron

T/Sgt Warren K PERRYMAN, 1st Fighter Group

George McCRAW, Civilian

Movies and Nose Art, Ray Bowden

Sgt Leland (Lee) KESSLER, 306th Bomb Group, 368th Bomb Squadron

T/Sgt Howard COLVIN, 308th Bomb Group, 425th Bomb Squadron

Sgt Tony BENSON, 3rd Attack Group, 89th Sqn

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