USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Named planes of the USAAF during WWII

". . . . 352FG, escorting the 1BD along with the 4FG and 355FG, claimed eleven victories
over Wittenberg, but this was later revised to 7.5 kills. One of their pilots, Lt Carlone, was killed however
when he shot down an Me109 at low level. The enemy fighter bellied in at 250mph and exploded.
Carlone pulled up but snap rolled into trees and crashed his Mustang . . . . ."

". . . During withdrawal, Mustangs from 4FG surprised three Me109s near Wisnat
and then another six, shooting down four of them.
The melee was so intense that two German fighters collided as they made sharp turns
and sliced the tail from a third -- adding three more to the enemies losses . . ."

Extracts from 19th May 1944

". . . . As the 355FG and 4FG escorted the bombers from Wesermunde towards the target,
fifty to seventy enemy aircraft attacked the bomber boxes.
The company front attack was devastating and cut about 15 Fortresses
from the formation of the 4th Combat Wing in the first pass.
Three of the Fw190s were shot down by two squadrons from the 355FG after the group
had turned back from further ahead in the column to assist the 4FG in breaking up the assault. . . ."

Extract from 6th October 1944