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B-17G-35-DL 42-107230

100th Bomb Group, 349th Bomb Squadron

This mission list is incomplete. I would like to hear from anyone who can provide details of missions flown by 42-107230 during the months of October and November 1944.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


7 May 1944L E TownsendBerlin?
8 May 1944L E TownsendBerlin?
9 May 1944J C MooreLaon-AthiesAirfield
11 May 1944H RosineLiegeTook off late and missed formation (no sortie)
12 May 1944L E TownsendBrux?
13 May 1944L E TownsendOsnabruck?
19 May 1944L E TownsendBerlinSerious damaged - Cat AC - (TG) destroyed Fw190
23 May 1944M T HoskinsonTroyes?
29 May 1944J P KeysLeipzig#2 engine shot out, then lost #3
11 Jun 1944T H KempBerck-sur-Mer?
12 Jun 1944F J HerresBasdorfSlight battle damage
14 Jun 1944T H KempLe Culot (abortive)?
18 Jun 1944T H KempBrunsbuttelkoog?
19 Jun 1944T H KempCorme EcluseAirfield
20 Jun 1944T H KempFallerslebenReturned early (no sortie) #1 engine oil loss
24 Jun 1944F J HerresGrand CouronneNoBall V-weapon site
25 Jun 1944J P KeysSouth FranceFrench Marquis supplies
6 Jul 1944C V StreedCrepieulNoBall V-weapon site
7 Jul 1944J E PhelpsBohlen oil refinery?
8 Jul 1944J E PhelpsClamecy-JoignyRail bridge
11 Jul 1944C V StreedMunich?
12 Jul 1944T H KempMunich(no sortie) took off as spare and returned
13 Jul 1944T H KempMunich?
14 Jul 1944T H KempSouth FranceFrench Marquis supplies
17 Jul 1944T H KempLudwigsburg?
18 Jul 1944T H KempKiel(no sortie) Took off as spare and returned
19 Jul 1944C V StreedSchweinfurt?
20 Jul 1944T H KempMerseburg/LeunaSynthetic oil plant
24 Jul 1944C V StreedSt LoTactical support for ground troops
25 Jul 1944C V StreedSt LoTactical support for ground troops
28 Jul 1944T H KempMerseburg/LeunaSynthetic oil plant
29 Jul 1944J GellerMerseburg/LeunaSynthetic oil plant
5 Aug 1944J P KeysMagdeburg(no sortie) failed to take off - engine trouble
6 Aug 1944J P KeysBerlin?
8 Aug 1944H W WoodallSt Sylvain?
14 Aug 1944T H KempLudwigshaven?
15 Aug 1944R L HeironimusVenlo airfield?
24 Aug 1944W E BaileyRuhlandOil refinery
25 Aug 1944W E BaileyPolitzOil refinery
26 Aug 1944W E BaileyBrest?
30 Aug 1944W E BaileyBremen?
8 Sep 1944W E BaileyMainz?
10 Sep 1944W E BaileyNurnburg?
18 Sep 1944W A CharlesWarsaw"7 holes in ship!"
19 Sep 1944W A CharlesSzolnok?
27 Sep 1944W E BaileyLudwigshaven?
3 Oct 1944??Nurnberg - Ludwigsburg?
26 Nov 1944??Hamm rail yardsCat A battle damage
2 Dec 1944D Naar / W V WilsonCoblenz recalledCaught in B24 formation prop wash and spun down 9000ft, returned with severely twisted tail. SALVAGED


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