USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Yankee Gal II
B-24J-185-CO 44-40916

22nd Bomb Group, 33rd Bomb Squadron


Nose art painted by
Sgt Charles CHESTNUT
22nd Bomb Group, 33rd Bomb Squadron

Yankee Gal II

The image painted by Sgt Chestnut on Yankee Gal II showed a little more discretion than the first example - but only just! Currently unexplained is a third example of Yankee Gal, also painted by Sgt Chestnut, and showing a sitting nude on the natural metal background. It is not yet known if this was an earlier or later version of imagery for #916 or a third B24 carrying the same name.

B24J #916 was lost in bad weather on 23 January 45 on a mission to bomb Baguio on Luzon and was being flown by Donald Johnson's crew. The 19-plane formation broke up as they approached a storm near Leyte and each aircraft went into it separately - Yankee Gal II did not reappear and all on board were eventually declared lost. The plane is believed to have completed at least 8 missions after being assigned to the group in November 44.

  Additional image Of  
Was this a third Yankee Gal painted by Sgt Chestnut?


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