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Winsome Winn II
B-17F-70-BO 42-29768

384th Bomb Group

Winsome Winn II

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The Flight Of Eagles
Missing in action on 1st December 1943, See "The Flight of Eagles" for more information on its final moments and the fate of the crew.

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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


15 May 1943EmdenR/E (NS) - oxygen leak
17 May 1943W K ThomasLorientCrashlanded in Southern England
11 Jun 1943G A TylerWilhelmshaven
13 Jun 1943W R McPhersonKiel
22 Jun 1943--Transferred to 384BG
10 Jul 1943M S WillingAbbeville-Drucat
14 Jul 1943M S Willing / R A MartinVillacoublay
24 Jul 1943M S WillingHeroya
28 Jul 1943M S WillingKassel
30 Jul 1943M S WillingKassel
12 Aug 1943M S WillingRuhr (Bochum, Gelsinkirchen)
15 Aug 1943M S WillingAmiens + Poix a/ds
16 Aug 1943M S WillingLe Bourget
31 Aug 1943M S WillingRomilly (abortive)
3 Sep 1943M S WillingRomillyR/E - #4 eng cylinder blew
7 Sep 1943J A ButlerBrusselsR/E - #4 runaway prop
9 Sep 1943J A ButlerLille Vendeville + Vitry
16 Sep 1943M S WillingNantesLanded at RAF St Athan
2 Oct 1943M S WillingEmdenR/E (NS) - spare
4 Oct 1943M S WillingFrankfurtCamera a/c
8 Oct 1943M S WillingBremen
14 Oct 1943M S WillingSchweinfurtR/E (NS) -
20 Oct 1943J L BedsoleDuren
3 Nov 1943L FieldsWilhelmshaven
5 Nov 1943D G NelsonGelsenkirchen
26 Nov 1943D G NelsonBremen
29 Nov 1943D G NelsonBremen
1 Dec 1943D G Nelson / E L SmithSolingenMISSING -

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