USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Winning Run
B-17F-80-BO 42-29944

303rd Bomb Group, 427th Bomb Squadron

Winning Run

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


17 Mar 1943? Delivered to Cheyenne Modification Center
28 Mar 1943? To Gore AAB
13 Apr 1943? To Metropolitan AAB
29 Apr 1943? To Presque Isle, assigned to 303BG named "Buzzin Bronco"
13 Jun 1943Capt B B SouthworthBremenRe-named as "Winning Run" by (P), whose father managed the St Louis Cardinals
22 Jun 1943A F BurchHuls?
23 Jun 1943D P ShelhamerVillacoublay airfield (Recall)Returned early - non-sortie, oxygen failure
25 Jun 1943A A CoteHamburg?
26 Jun 1943A A CoteVillacoublay airfield?
28 Jun 1943A A CoteBeaumont-le-Roger airfield?
29 Jun 1943J C JamesVillacoublay (abortive)?
4 Jul 1943J C JamesLe Mans airfieldTwo Fw190s claimed as destroyed
10 Jul 1943J C JamesPoix & Abbeville airfields?
17 Jul 1943J C JamesTarget of opportunityReturned early - non-sortie, (TG) oxygen failed, suffered anoxia
25 Jul 1943A C StricklandHamburg?
16 Aug 1943? Secret flight to North Africa
23 Aug 1943? Returned to UK from North Africa
27 Aug 1943J C JamesWatten V-weapon siteCategory A damage - flak
31 Aug 1943Capt A C StricklandAmiens-Glisy airfieldsGroup lead
3 Sep 1943Capt A C StricklandRomilly-sur-SeineCategory A damage - flak. (P) finished tour
6 Sep 1943J C JacobsStuttgartCRASHLANDED at RAF Deanland, near Uckfield, out of fuel

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Nose art painted by
Cpl Anthony L STARCER

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