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Winnie The Pooh
B-17F-55-DL 42-3422

100th Bomb Group

Winnie The Pooh

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


16 Jun 1943  Delivered to Denver
20 Jul 1943  To Dow Field AAB
24 Jul 1943  Assigned to 385BG's 551st Squadron as a/c 'Y'
15 Aug 1943D E Jones /Vitry air field 
17 Aug 1943 RegensburgCamera a/c
19 Aug 1943N J Maryonovich /Woensdrecht (abortive) 
27 Aug 1943W E Cerrone /Watten (abortive) 
6 Sep 1943D E Jones /Dieppe (Stuttgart)Returned early - #4 supercharger out
7 Sep 1943I H Frank /Watten NoBallV-weapon site
9 Sep 1943Walls /Beauvais 
15 Sep 1943T A Morgan /Paris 
23 Sep 1943Klohe /Kerlin Bastard airfieldMorning missions
26 Sep 1943T A Morgan /Reims - Champagne airfield 
10 Oct 1943F V Poore /Munster 
14 Oct 1943I H Frank /Schweinfurt 
20 Oct 1943T A Morgan /DurenCrew aborted in a/c #356, then switched to this a/c
3 Nov 1943F V PooreWilhelmshaven 
5 Nov 1943R W Morse /GelsenkirchenCategory A - flak damage
11 Nov 1943R W Morse /Munster 
13 Nov 1943R W Morse /BremenElectric suits failed, froze (BT) feet, (LW) froze hands
16 Nov 1943H A Heuser /Rjukan, Norway 
19 Nov 1943Singleton /Gelsenkirchen 
26 Nov 1943T J Kleuser /Paris - Bremen (abortive) 
29 Nov 1943Davis /BremenCategory A damage - flak + 20mm
5 Dec 1943Kirby /Bordeaux - Merignac airfield 
16 Dec 1943Preuss /BremenReturned early - no sortie credited
20 Dec 1943L C Swedluns / G H GuscottBremenAborted but credited with sortie
30 Dec 1943Davis /Ludwigshaven 
31 Dec 1943Wheeler /Cognac aifield 
4 Jan 1944F J Hart / C M ConnellKiel 
29 Jan 1944R T Sherrill / J L PercivalFrankfurt 
4 Feb 1944S R Patrissi / E McCrearyFrankfurtReturned early - no sortie credited
25 Feb 1944N H Davis / R C ClarkRegensburgMISSING -- flak hit #2 eng, a/c spun in. MACR#2775


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