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Spirit of Toledo

97th Bomb Group

We have been unable to locate any photograph of this aircraft.
If you have any further information on its crew(s), mission details or pictures/documents relevant to this (or any other aircraft) we would be pleased to receive copies.
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This B17 Fortress was purchased with War Bonds by citizens of Toleda, as part of the "Bombers for MacArthur Campaign". It initally served with 92BG in England but was transferred to 12th Air Force in the Mediterranean. Its dedication title "Spirit of Toledo" was painted in orange but this was painted out on arrival in England for combat duties.

After its transfer to 12AF and into 97BG, a new name was applied by Capt Frank Dallas. "Peggy D II" was named for Dallas' girfriend back on the States. It is believed to have completed a total of 20 combat sorties before being forced to crash land just inside friendly territory after a mission to bomb the docks at Bizerte, North Africa. The crew were unhurt and rescued by an advance patrol of French soldiers.

Stripped of usable parts, the Fort was finally salvaged a few months later. The citizens of Toledo were unaware of the combat history of their plane and its subsequent demise until one of the crew members finished his tour and returned to tell the tale.


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