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Bangin' Lulu
B-24 42-51091

446th Bomb Group, 707th Bomb Squadron

Bangin' Lulu
Previously allocated to 492nd BG, 858th and then 857th Squadron. There is some doubt on whether there may have been a second B24 similarly named and carrying the serial number 44-48829. "Bangin Lulu" returned to Willow Run after hostilities and the photo we have indicates that it was in remarkably good condition for a veteran aircraft that had seen a full year's combat including a crash landing at Metfield which ended its career with 492BG. Unfortunately, we have never seen a photo which displays both the nose art on the right side and the tail fin number confirming which serial number is correct. If anyone can provide such a photo, definite evidence or a list of mission dates for #091 or #829 whilst deployed with 446BG I would greatly appreciate the clarification.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


27 May 1944LandrySaarbrucken
28 May 1944FrantzZeitz
29 May 1944FrantzPolitz
30 May 1944PlatinskyRotenburg
2 Jun 1944FrantzBerck-sur-Mer
4 Jun 1944PlatinskyAvord
6 Jun 1944FrantzCoastal
6 Jun 1944MonroeVire
20 Jun 1944D L TaylorPolitz
22 Jun 1944SkorupanSt Cur
25 Jun 1944FrantzRoye
27 Jun 1944FrantzCreil
28 Jun 1944SimonSaarbrucken
29 Jun 1944KoltunMagdeburg
6 Jul 1944NelsonKiel
8 Jul 1944RasmussenAlost
11 Jul 1944FlanaganMunich
12 Jul 1944CravensMunich
16 Jul 1944FlanaganSaarbrucken
18 Jul 1944ThompsonTroarns
20 Jul 1944PerryErfurt
24 Jul 1944FlanaganSt Lo
25 Jul 1944FlanaganSt Lo
31 Jul 1944SkorupanLudwigshafen
4 Aug 1944SkorupanKiel
5 Aug 1944SkorupanBrunswick
6 Aug 1944FlanaganHamburgCRASHLANDED @ Metfield after severe flak damage . 1 WIA Repaired and transferred to 446BG

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