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Sugar Blues
B-17G-20-DL 42-37939

91st Bomb Group, 323rd Bomb Squadron

Sugar Blues

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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


21 Oct 1943? Delivered to USAAF at Denver
9 Nov 1943? To Grand Island AAB
11 Nov 1943? Despatched overseas to 8AF
20 Dec 1943? Assigned to 91BG, 323BS
24 Dec 1943R V Maziarz / P M DeloAndres NoBallV-weapon site -- Category A damage
30 Dec 1943D Bradford / R MersereauLudwigshavenCategory A damage -- 20mm
4 Jan 1944R V Maziarz / P M DeloKiel?
5 Jan 1944D C Harding / L J HosackTours - Parcay airfield?
7 Jan 1944R V Maziarz / P M DeloLudwigshaven?
11 Jan 1944R V Maziarz / P M DeloOscherslebenCategory AC damage -- mg. (TT)(BT) Fw190 dest. each
24 Jan 1944R V Maziarz / P M DeloFrankfurt (recalled)?
29 Jan 1944R V Maziarz / WilliamsFrankfurtCategory A damage -- friendly fire
30 Jan 1944D C Harding / L J HosackBrunswick?
3 Feb 1944E Register / MotsingerWilhelmshaven?
4 Feb 1944E Register / MotsingerFrankfurt?
6 Feb 1944Stringer / P MackNancy-Essay (abortive)?
11 Feb 1944C Samuelson / N KovachevichFrankfurt?
20 Feb 1944R V Maziarz /Leipzig - Achersleben?
21 Feb 1944W Wilkinson /Achmer?
22 Feb 1944R V Maziarz / P M DeloBunde - BielefeldMISSING -- ditched, North Sea, (CP) WIA. All rescued

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