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Steady Hedy
B-17G-45-BO 42-97181

306th Bomb Group, 369th Bomb Squadron

Steady Hedy
This B-17G reportedly completed a total of 118 combat missions without a mechanical abort. It was a remarkable achievement for its crew chief SSgt Daniel Everett and his assistant SSgt Earl Schwab. The Fort survived hostilities, transferred to 92BG in May 1945 and finally salvaged at the end of October 1945.

The B17 had originally been assigned to 92BG at Podington in April 44 but re-assigned to 306BG at Thurleigh just a few days later and began its combat career.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


25 Apr 1944 Transferred into 306BG from 92BG
28 Apr 1944R D ButteroffAvord AF
29 Apr 1944R D ButteroffBerlin
1 May 1944R D ButteroffCalais area
4 May 1944R D ButteroffBerlin Recall(NS)
8 May 1944BurgessBerlin
9 May 1944R D ButteroffThionville
11 May 1944R D ButteroffSaarbrucken(NS) - spare
12 May 1944R D ButteroffMerseburgR/E (NS) - (N) ill
13 May 1944R D ButteroffStettin/StralsundCat AC - flak
24 May 1944BerlinCat AC - flak
25 May 1944R D ButteroffThionville
28 May 1944R D ButteroffRuhland
31 May 1944N M HaasLiege
2 Jun 1944R D Butteroff 
3 Jun 1944R D Butteroff 
6 Jun 1944R D Butteroff(1st) Arromanche
6 Jun 1944R D Butteroff(3rd) Thury Harcourt
8 Jun 1944R D Butteroff Rennes St Jacques
11 Jun 1944R D ButteroffSt AndreR/E (NS) - lost formation
14 Jun 1944R D ButteroffBretigny
15 Jun 1944R D ButteroffTactical
18 Jun 1944R D ButteroffHamburg
19 Jun 1944R D ButteroffNoBall
20 Jun 1944R D ButteroffHamburg
22 Jun 1944R D ButteroffGhent
24 Jun 1944R D ButteroffBremen
2 Jul 1944R D ButteroffNoBall
11 Jul 1944R D ButteroffMunich
17 Jul 1944J L DavisBridge
21 Jul 1944R D ButteroffEbelsbach
24 Jul 1944R D ButteroffSt Lo
25 Jul 1944L E JohnsSt Lo
28 Jul 1944L E JohnsMerseburgSevere flak BD
31 Jul 1944J L DavisMunich
3 Aug 1944J L DavisMerkwiller
5 Aug 1944L E JohnsDollbergen
9 Aug 1944G C SchneiderUlm
12 Aug 1944Ralstin 
13 Aug 1944L E JohnsRouen area
14 Aug 1944CarrazoneFlorennes/Juzaine ADs
15 Aug 1944BaxterFrankfurt
5 Sep 1944A P JohansenLudwigshafen
8 Sep 1944A P JohansenLudwigshafen
10 Sep 1944LingwallStuttgart
12 Sep 1944CarrazoneRuhland
2 Oct 1944LaughlinKassel
5 Oct 1944A P JohansenCologne
6 Oct 1944A P JohansenStralsund
7 Oct 1944LaughlinRuhland
9 Oct 1944H L Laughlin 
14 Oct 1944Lingwall Koln
15 Oct 1944HaaseCologne
17 Oct 1944G M CarrazoneCologne
22 Oct 1944G M CarrazoneHannover
26 Oct 1944A P JohansenBielefeld
30 Oct 1944A P JohansenMunster
4 Nov 1944G M CarrazoneHarburg
8 Nov 1944G M CarrazoneMerseburg
16 Nov 1944DentonEschweiler
21 Nov 1944A P JohansenMeppen / Leeuwarden ADs
30 Nov 1944GeraBD
2 Dec 1944R E TraskCoblenz
5 Dec 1944G M CarrazoneBerlin
6 Dec 1944BlackshawMerseburg
9 Dec 1944EdelerStuttgart
12 Dec 1944G M CarrazoneMerseburg
18 Dec 1944R E TraskKaiserlautern
28 Dec 1944W S DentonSiegburg / Coblenz
29 Dec 1944W S DentonBingen
30 Dec 1944W P RozettMainz
2 Jan 1945W B Turner 
3 Jan 1945L E HubbellHermulheim
5 Jan 1945L E HubbellNiedermendig
6 Jan 1945L E HubbellCologne
7 Jan 1945L E HubbellEuskirchen
8 Jan 1945Pearce /Target Opp
10 Jan 1945L E HubbellGymnich
14 Jan 1945L H ReinhartKoln
15 Jan 1945W S DentonFreiburg
17 Jan 1945L H ReinhartBielefeld
20 Jan 1945A J BowleyRheine
28 Jan 1945Capt W J HaaseCologne
29 Jan 1945L H ReinhartCoblenz
1 Feb 1945A J BowleyMannheim
3 Feb 1945A J BowleyBerlin
6 Feb 1945A J BowleyGeissen
10 Feb 1945B B LewisDulmen
16 Feb 1945H B RyderDortmund
22 Feb 1945H B RyderWittstock
23 Feb 1945H B RyderPlauen
26 Feb 1945C P TinkhamBerlin
28 Feb 1945J L ChanceyHagen
2 Mar 1945A A KearneyBohlen
15 Mar 1945C P TinkhamZossen
18 Mar 1945A A KearneyBerlin
21 Mar 1945C P TinkhamRheine
22 Mar 1945LomarDorsten
23 Mar 1945C P TinkhamCoesfeld


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