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Paper Dolly
B-17G-10-DL 42-37746

91st Bomb Group, 323rd Bomb Squadron


Nose art painted by
Cpl Anthony L STARCER
91st Bomb Group
Bassingbourn, England

Paper Dolly

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Plane Names & Fancy Noses

Not all of Starcer's nose art designs used Vargas-type pin-up girls. This one was based on the equally popular "Betty Boop" cartoon character supplemented with a giant bomb. The same character, in a different context, was also used by Starcer in his design for another 91st Fort named "Betty Lou's Buggy". Use of cartoons was commonplace and gave a welcome touch of humour in the midst of wartime Bassingbourn. The popular song "Paper Doll" spawned the aircraft title and several cut-out paper dolls were incorporated into the design.

"Paper Dolly" was lost on 22nd February on a mission to the Focke Wulf plant at Oschersleben. It was flown that day by Frank Kolts crew who had completed the majority of their tour in the plane.

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