USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Hey Daddy
B-17G-75-BO 43-38036

91st Bomb Group, 401st Bomb Squadron


Nose art painted by
Cpl Anthony L STARCER
91st Bomb Group
Bassingbourn, England

Hey Daddy

Starcer's skill was also used for portraiture on several occasions including this masterly study on "Hey Daddy". The plane was assigned to the 91st in mid July 1944 and undertook a number of PFF lead roles, the first of which was to the dreaded Merseburg on 29th July. A different crew took the plane for each of its leads between then and November when it was replaced in that capacity by newer ships. In February 1945, it as withdrawn from combat and refitted with radio counter measure equipment -- "carpet jammers" to mask the bomber formations from German ground radar. The aircraft may have been loaned to other units in the closing weeks of war but returned to regular combat flying in April when it was re-assigned to 322nd Bomb Squadron. Surviving the war, it returned to the USA in June 1945 to be scrapped.

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