USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Shoo Shoo Baby
B-17G-45-BO 42-97264

95th Bomb Group, 335th Bomb Squadron

Shoo Shoo Baby

Although initially intended for the 447BG this Fort was assigned to 95BG at Horham. It flew its first combat sortie on 23rd March 1944 to Brunswick with the crew of Peter Milward - it was their only mission in the plane. Various others flew it and on 28 July it was James Griffin's crew who went to Merseburg and into heavy flak which injured the copilot and the ball turret gunner.

Almost a month later on 25th August it was Robert Parker's men who took the hits over Ruhland which wounded the top turret gunner. On 7th October "Shoo Shoo Baby" took its final flight with Dick Neal in command. Over Bohlen it was hit by flak in #3 engine which caught fire and left the formation to crash near Jena. One crewman was killed but the nine others became POWs.


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