USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Shoo Shoo Baby

457th Bomb Group

Shoo Shoo Baby

This B17G was painted with its "Shoo Shoo Baby" nose art by tail gunner Howard Berrier who was part of Kenneth Burkhart's crew. Berrier chose an image portraying the back of a mother cradling a baby with a small clock above in honour of his pilot's child back home. The identity of the aircraft is not yet known but Burkhart flew at least twelve missions in #558 during March to July 1944. However, 457BG's 42-97558 which arrived in February is known to have been named "Tis Me Sugar" displaying the Vargas pin up on the natural metal aircraft and not an olive drab finish. Anyone with any further information on the possible identity of Burkhart's "Shoo Shoo Baby", please make contact.


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