USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Shoo Shoo Baby
B-24H-15-FO 42-52747

446th Bomb Group, 707th Bomb Squadron

Shoo Shoo Baby

Initially assigned to the 487BG before that unit converted to flying B17 Fortresses in mid July 1944, only two mission dates with this group have so far been identified for this aircraft. On 28th May it flew to Lutzendorf refinery and was hit by flak and on 6th July it is recorded as flying the mission to Belloy-sur-Somme in France.

After its transfer into the 446BG it flew numerous trucking missions taking supplies to sustain the army as it raced across France, hauling flour and fuel. Returning to combat flying it lost two engines on 27th December heading for Kaiserlautern and was abandoned by the crew of William Woodburn before crashing in Belgium. Woodburn was injured as he bailed out, last man to leave, and passed out on landing. Found by Belgians he was initially beaten up by them due to his blonde, blue-eyed appearance because they thought he was a German. Finally recognised, he was taken to a safe place only to then be rudely awaken by a British patrol who had been sent to capture a possible German spy in US uniform.


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