USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Shoo Shoo Baby
C-47A-65-DL 42-100553

436th Troop Carrier Group

Shoo Shoo Baby

Assigned to the USAAF on 1st November 1943, this C-47 was flown to England to join the 436TCG at Membury. As part of #10 serial it was flown on D-Day to drop paratroops from 101 Airborne Division at 01.08hrs over DZ-A near Chef du Pont. No other mission dates have been confirmed yet but a later photo of the left side shows the nose art plus markers for at least ten parachute drops (men and supplies) as well as ten medivac flights and another thirteen freight hauls.

Another photo shows, at an unknown date, that “Shoo Shoo Baby” was transferred to 442TCG’s 303rd Squadron. The U5 was painted out (but is still visible) and replaced with J7.

The aircraft survived the war in Europe and its subsequent history is a little confused. In May 1946 it is thought to have been sold to KLM, the Royal Netherland Airline and given the serial PH-TCK. It was then passed to the Italian Air Force (Aeronautica Militare Italiana and given another serial code of MM61774. However, in February 1953, it stalled on take off from Valkenburg Air Base, probably due to icing and belly landed causing considerable damage to its propellers. The #1 prop penetrated the left hand flight deck. In October 1982 it was known to have been on display at the Pratica di Mare Air Base.


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