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Shoo Shoo Baby
B-17G-25-BO 42-31669

303rd Bomb Group, 358th Bomb Squadron

Shoo Shoo Baby

This was the first B17 in the 303BG to carry the title "Shoo Shoo Baby". Delivered to the USAAF in December 1943, it was assigned to the 358BS at Molesworth on 15th February 44. Its first mission came 5 days later to Leipzig when it received category A damage from fighter attacks but, in compensation, the crew also claimed two Me109s destroyed. On 22 February, Lt Worthy's crew claimed another fighter, this time an Fw190.

24th April brought a mission to airfields at Landsberg and Oberpfaffenhofen which brought down two 303BG Forts, one was "Shoo Shoo Baby" with the crew of Ray Hoffman. They lost one engine to fighter attacks and then another to the flak. Unable to feather the prop, it began to windmill causing drag and strain on the other two operational engines. With twelve holes puncturing the aircraft, the crew opted to head for Switzerland, destroying the bombsight, IFF and VHF equipment as well as the flimsies and maps before landing at Dubendorf. Aircraft and crew were interned and "Shoo Shoo Baby" was finally flown back to the UK to be broken up for scrap in October 1945 having completed 20 missions.


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