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Shoo Shoo Baby
B-17G-45-BO 42-97311

303rd Bomb Group, 427th Bomb Squadron

Shoo Shoo Baby

This Fort was also known as "Silver Fox" due to its natural metal finish but it is not known if this was prior to becoming "Shoo Shoo Baby" in the group or a title carried on the other side. No photo showing this alternative title has yet been located. The aircraft was the second in the 303BG to carry the title "Shoo Shoo Baby", the first having been interned in Switzerland in late April.

Initially assigned to 398BG at Nuthampstead #311 was transferred to Molesworth's 303BG before flying any combat missions. Under the care of its crew chief Howard Isaacson, the B17 completed at least 107 successful missions, although some sources yield a total of 112. The first sortie came two days after transfer, to the underground V-3 site at Mimoyeques, France on 15th May, with the crew of Shirley Estes. In late April 1945 it was transferred out to the 457BG at Glatton (which may account for the five additional missions) and a month later to 351BG to be flown back to the USA - arriving at Bradley Field AFB on 13 June. Six months later it was scrapped at Kingman, Arizona along with hundreds of other veteran aircraft.


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