USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Shoo-Shoo Baby
B-24J-110-CO 42-109984

22nd Bomb Group

Shoo-Shoo Baby

The nose art for this B24 was painted by any unknown artist whilst it was still Stateside prior to deployment. It was flown overseas to Townsville, Australia by the crew of Eugene Senstake and continue to fly combat missions until 6 May 1945. At Townsville it received numerous modifications before finally being assigned to 408BS and began its combat career on 22 April flown by Lt Dwaine Harry.

It became the regular mount for the crew of Otto Lieb bt wsa also flown by many others. In May, the aircraft was given the "Red Raiders" heraldic Viking emblem added to the rear of the pin up art together with green prop spinners. In late December it was caught by Japanese fighters on a mission to bomb Clark Field, Philippines. With hits in the right wing and #3 engine as well as holes in the tail, fuselage and top turret it managed to limp back safety.

"Shoo-Shoo Baby" completed over 80 missions but mechanical problems and the loss of two engines forced an emergency landing in a rice paddy just north of Clark Field, Luzon on 6 May 1945. The plane was a total wreck although the crew of Simon Willis all escaped relatively unharmed. At that time the B24 was the longest serving member of the 408BS and the last camouflaged Liberator in the squadron.


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