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Rugged Buggy
B-24D-5-CO 41-23819

44th Bomb Group, 68th Bomb Squadron

Rugged Buggy

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


1 Oct 1942?Assigned to 68th Bomb Sqn as a/c (bar) A
2 Oct 1942J E O'Brien / M C Howell Left Grenier Field for Gander and ETO
7 Nov 1942J E O'Brien /Diversion?
17 Nov 1942J E O'Brien /Nanpertue-CherbourgAirfield
18 Nov 1942J E O'Brien /Diversion?
6 Dec 1942Capt J E O'Brien /Abbeville / DrucatAirfield
12 Dec 1942Capt J E O'Brien /Abbeville / DrucatAirfield
20 Dec 1942Capt J E O'Brien /Romilly Airdrome?
23 Jan 1943Capt J E O'Brien /Lorient (recalled)?
27 Jan 1943Capt J E O'Brien /Wilhelmshaven20mm and mg hits -- 2 KIA +2 WIA
22 Mar 1943Capt J E O'Brien /Wilhelmshaven(RW) destroyed Me110, (N) probable e/a
4 Apr 1943Capt J E O'Brien /Diversion?
16 Apr 1943G R Jansen /Brest?
1 May 1943R B Houston /Diversion?
14 May 1943M C Howell / Maj J E O'BrienKielMISSING -- #3 eng smoking, straggled, attacked by Fw190s, believed shot down by Hpt Gerhard Sommer I/JG1

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