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Royal Flush
B-17F-45-VE 42-6087

100th Bomb Group, 418th Bomb Squadron

Royal Flush

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


16 Jul 1943? Received by USAAC
4 Sep 1943? Assigned overseas
23 Sep 1943J Flanigan /Vannes?
27 Sep 1943J Flanigan /Emden?
2 Oct 1943J Flanigan /Emden?
4 Oct 1943J Flanigan /SaarluisCategory A damage - flak + 20mm
9 Oct 1943R Rosenthal /Marienburg?
10 Oct 1943R Rosenthal /MunsterCat AC damage - #1 eng out, oxygen out. Sole survivor of 100BG
13 Nov 1943J Flanigan /Bremen(TG) suffered frost bite
20 Dec 1943?BremenAborted (non-sortie?)
27 Dec 1943?(Recalled)Returned early -spare a/c
14 Jan 1944?Foret d'HesdinV-weapon site. Flew with 94BG formation
21 Jan 1944S L Barrick /Bois d'EsquerdesV-weapon site
4 Feb 1944?FrankfurtReturned early - non sortie
6 Feb 1944?Evreaux airfieldReturned early - spare a/c
4 Mar 1944W H Thomas (?)Berlin (recalled)Returned early - non sortie
6 Mar 1944W H ThomasBerlinReturned early - mechanical (non-sortie)
9 Mar 1944W C Forsythe /BerlinReturned early - spare a/c
18 Mar 1944F C Kincannon /LechfeldSlight damage - flak hit #2 engine nacelle
11 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Rostock(TG) destroyed Me109
12 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Schkeudiz (recalled)?
13 Apr 1944R F Lischer /AugsburgSlight damage - flak holes in bomb-bay and left wing
18 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Berlin?
19 Apr 1944R F Lischer /LippstadtFlew with 390BG formation
20 Apr 1944R F Lischer /NoBall FlottemanvilleV-weapon site
22 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Hamm?
27 Apr 1944R F Lischer /NoBall FlottemanvilleV-weapon site - morning mission
27 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Le Culot airfieldAfternoon mission
28 Apr 1944B Williams /NoBall SottevastReturned early - spare a/c
29 Apr 1944R F Lischer /Berlin?
1 May 1944G L Roth /Saarguemines Rail YardsAfternoon mission
7 May 1944R F Lischer /Berlin?
8 May 1944R F Lischer /BerlinMorning mission
9 May 1944R F Lischer /Laon-Couvron / Athies?
19 May 1944R F Lischer /Berlin(TG) destroyed Fw190
23 May 1944R F Lischer /Troyes?
24 May 1944R F Lischer /Berlin?
25 May 1944R F Lischer /Brussels?
27 May 1944R F Lischer /Strasbourg?
28 May 1944R F Lischer /Magdeburg?
29 May 1944R F Lischer /LeipzigSerious damage - bulkhead 6J cut, control cables cut
31 May 1944R F Lischer /Osnabruck?
4 Jun 1944R F Lischer /BoulogneCoastal defences
6 Jun 1944R F Lischer /FalaiseD-Day tactical ground support - morning mission
6 Jun 1944R F Lischer /OuistrehamD-Day tactical ground support - late morning mission
7 Jun 1944R F Lischer /Nantes?
10 Jun 1944?Morlaix airfield (Recalled)?
18 Jun 1944R F Lischer /BrunsbuttelkoogSlight damage - flak
21 Jun 1944H J Rowland /BasdorfSlight damage
22 Jun 1944H J Rowland /Paris?
25 Jun 1944W B Kennedy /South FranceReturned early - spare a/c
29 Jun 1944H J Rowland /BohlenReturned early - spare a/c
6 Jul 1944R D Miller /NoBall CrepieulV-weapon site
7 Jul 1944H J Rowland /Bohlen?
8 Jul 1944H J Rowland /Clamecy-Joigny RR bridge?
11 Jul 1944R F Lischer /MunichReturned early - spare a/c
12 Jul 1944R F Lischer /Munich?
14 Jul 1944R F Lischer /South FranceReturned early - spare a/c
17 Jul 1944R F Lischer /Auxerre?
19 Jul 1944C CCook /Schweinfurt?
20 Jul 1944C C Cook /Merseburg?
21 Jul 1944J S Seamans /Ludwigsburg?
5 Aug 1944H J Rowland /Magdeburg?
8 Aug 1944A Aske /St SylvainTactical ground support
11 Aug 1944A Aske / C S BarberVillacoublay airfieldMISSING -- flak hit between #3 engine and fuselage. 4 KIA

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Nose art painted by
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