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Round Trip Ticket
B-24L-5-CO 44-41538

22nd Bomb Group, 33rd Bomb Squadron


Nose art painted by
Sgt Charles CHESTNUT
22nd Bomb Group, 33rd Bomb Squadron

Round Trip Ticket

This was the second Liberator in the squadron to carry this title, the first being a camouflaged olive drab aircraft which sported one of Chestnut?s earlier figures ? a rarity since it was fully clothed. After this earlier one was withdrawn from combat in October with serious flak damage its replacement was a silver B24L which was assigned in December 44 and it was also given the Chestnut treatment using a slight variation to the original design. Both carried the thumb-hitching girl and Tokyo-USA road sign but the later version was another classic nude, or rather half-nude since the lady was wearing a flimsy skirt. As with all of the group?s B24s, it carried the Red Raiders emblem on the left side.

Almost at the end of hostilities, Round Trip Ticket #538 blew a tyre while landing at Motobu airfield, Okinawa, on 26 August 1945 while carrying 20 passengers and their baggage on a ferry trip. Pilot William Coleman lost control, the aircraft ground looped, skidded off the runway and cracked up injuring several passengers on board, killing one. It was a sad end for combat veteran of least 47 missions.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


2 Jan 1945Malabacat StripCchf: MSgt W L Maurer
7 Jan 1945StinsonClark Field
9 Jan 1945MarcotteMalabacat Strip
15 Jan 1945RockFort Stotsenberg
16 Jan 1945HeatonSan Jose
17 Jan 1945JohnsonLegaspi
20 Jan 1945MarcotteBamban
22 Jan 1945JohnsonHeito AD
23 Jan 1945MarcotteBaguio
24 Jan 1945HugGrande Island
26 Jan 1945WheelerCorregidor
26 Jan 1945Heaton 
2 Feb 1945CookeCorregidor
4 Feb 1945PatrickCaballo Island
5 Feb 1945MarcotteCorregidor
6 Feb 1945HugCorregidor
7 Feb 1945HodousBogo
10 Feb 1945CookeCorregidor
11 Feb 1945ParisLuzon grd support
13 Feb 1945RockSouth China Sea shipping
14 Feb 1945HodousCabcaben AD
24 Feb 1945WhiteTakeo
25 Feb 1945ConleyGrd support NW ManilaR/E (NS) - abort
3 Mar 1945FochtTainan
28 Apr 1945HardestyToshien
1 May 1945ShillingtonTainan
2 May 1945FoleyIpo
8 May 1945ColemanTugueraro AD
10 May 1945WheelerCanton
12 May 1945Hanich (NS) -weather abort
14 May 1945Hardesty (NS) - weather abort
16 May 1945BrownTaichu
19 May 1945CochranKiirun & Karenko
22 May 1945ColemanOkayama AD
27 May 1945HowardFusina & Paracat
31 May 1945HowardTaihoku
2 Jun 1945HughesKiirun
5 Jun 1945EinsmannKontei
12 Jun 1945ShillingtonHong Kong
15 Jun 1945HughesCanton
17 Jun 1945GiannarelliKiirun
29 Jun 1945EinsmannTrombol & Sebu
9 Jul 1945HowardOkaseki
10 Jul 1945GottschalkTainan
11 Jul 1945EinsmannShinchiku
13 Jul 1945GiannarelliTaito
16 Jul 1945WhiteCanton Recco
18 Jul 1945ShillingtonMatsuyama
24 Jul 1945HughesKiangwan AD
26 Aug 1945Wm E Coleman-- Ferry trip from Clark Field(NS) - Burst tyre on landing at Motobu Strip, Okinawa, and destroyed

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