USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Red Gremlin (The)
B-17F-10-BO 41-24444

97th Bomb Group

Red Gremlin (The)

This B17F was the first Fortress to arrive in Gibraltar, and later North Africa, and it survived more than 70 combat missions while its crew claimed 8 enemy aircraft destroyed and a ship sunk.

Originally assigned to 92BG it was transferred to 340BS of the 97th Bomb Group. In October 1942 it flew a secret mission to Gibraltar, taking General Mark Clark and senior officers to board a submarine which took them on to Algeria for talks with the French. Then, in November, it flew General Eisenhower to Gibraltar and on to N Africa with Lt Paul Tibbets as pilot. Tibbets later gained fame by flying the B29 which dropped the first atomic bomb on Japan.

On its left nose this Fort carried another title and image - "Superman". It finally returned to the US in July 1944 but survived another two years before being broken up for scrap.


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