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Pride of Lodi Ohio
P-47D-2-RE 42-8096

348th Fighter Group, 342nd Fighter Squadron

Pride of Lodi Ohio

A war bond acquisition funded by citizens of Lodi, Ohio, it carried its outlined title on both sides of the fuselage near the national insignia. This Thunderbolt was assigned to the Squadron commander LtCol Bob Rowland and was initially named as "Carolina Wench" on the nose. This was later painted over with "Miss Mutt" and another pin girl on the cowl.

At some stage it appears that the original dedication on both sides was also repainted with an alternative letter style. However, it is possible that this was a second P47 war bond acquisition which carried an identical name -- further clarification on this is sought. The citizens of Lodi are known to have funded other aircraft including a B25 Mitchell named "Lodi District Avenger".

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A repaint or another aircraft altogether??


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