USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Pistol Packin Mama
B-17F-120-BO 42-30791

305th Bomb Group, 422nd Bomb Squadron

Pistol Packin Mama

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


5 Jul 1944L J CaulkLeafletsLeaflets on Perrier
6 Jul 1944L J CaulkLeafletsLeaflets Perrier
8 Jul 1944L J CaulkLeafletsLeaflets - Lessay - Perrier
9 Jul 1944Capt MeltonLeafletsFalaise - Argentan - Alencon
10 Jul 1944StoughLeafletsBrussels
21 Jul 1944L J CaulkLeaflets
11 Sep 1944Maj GaddyLeafletsR/E (NS) - mech
13 Sep 1944Maj GaddyLeaflets
1 Dec 1944Leaflets
2 Dec 1944Leaflets
4 Dec 1944Leaflets

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