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Pacific Queen
B-29-15-BA 42-63429

500th Bomb Group, 882nd Bomb Squadron

Nose art painted by
500th Bomb Group, 882nd Bomb Squadron
Isley Field, Saipan

Pacific Queen

Johnson painted a seated grass-skirted half nude on this Super Fortress which was claimed by pilot Capt Joe Savage as "Sunny's Honey". The artist's "Drowsy Swede" signature can be seen below the artwork.

The photo below shows Corporal Johnson clearing away his reference sketches and masking after completing the paint job on the right hand side of the B29. This suggests air brushing as well as brush work was involved. The name "Donna Jean's - Little Chief" refers to (cp) 2Lt Leonard 'Shorty' Hughes wife.

I am grateful to the family of John M Norton for making this information available via Joe Hudak. If anyone can add further missions to this listing I would very much appreciate hearing from them. It is thought that "Pacific Queen" successfully completed 50 combat missions -- perhaps more.
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AFHRA photo via Jim Bowman
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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


8 Dec 1944Capt J SavageIwo Jima?
13 Dec 1944Capt J SavageNagoya?
18 Dec 1944Capt J SavageNagoya (abort)?
22 Dec 1944Capt J SavageNagoya?
19 Feb 1945Capt H G GrayNakajima TokyoOne fighter destroyed
25 Feb 1945Capt H G GrayNakajima Tokyo?
7 Mar 1945Capt H G GrayOkinawaLanded at Guam, returned that night
9 Mar 1945Capt H G GrayTokyoSustained weak attack by Japanese night fighter
11 Mar 19451lt R O HaasNagoya?
13 Mar 1945Capt H G GrayOsakaLow level attack. Attacked by Baka bombs
16 Mar 1945Capt H G GrayKobe?
27 Mar 1945Capt H G GrayOita airfield?
31 Mar 19451st W E Robertson JrKyushu?
8 Apr 1945Capt H G GrayKyushuAborted - non sortie
12 Apr 1945Capt H G GrayMusashima?
16 Apr 1945Capt H G GrayTokyo?
18 Apr 1945Capt H G GrayIzami airfield, Kyushu?
26 Apr 1945Capt H G GrayKyushu airfield?
5 May 1945Capt H G GrayKureHole in right wing and in #2 engine
10 May 1945Capt H G GrayTokuyama?
14 May 19451Lt J R FarrellNagoya?
16 May 1945Capt H G GrayNagoya?
19 May 1945Capt H G GrayHamamatsu?
23 May 1945Capt H G GrayTokyo?
29 May 1945Capt H G GrayYokohama?
1 Jun 1945Capt H G GrayOsaka?
5 Jun 1945Capt H G GrayKobe?
10 Jun 1945Capt H G GrayTokyo?
15 Jun 1945Capt H G Gray;Osaka?
17 Jun 1945Capt ArbonHamamatsuAborted - non sortie
19 Jun 1945Capt H G GrayFukuoka?
22 Jun 1945Capt H G GrayKureOne hole from flak
26 Jun 1945Capt H G GrayOsaka?
29 Jun 1945Capt H G GraySasebo Naval Base?

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