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Outhouse Mouse
B-17G-25-BO 42-31636

91st Bomb Group

Outhouse Mouse

(EXTRACT). . . . George Odenwaller flew his first mission in Outhouse Mouse, to Dresden on 14th February 1945. In his diary he recorded, "My first mission! Scared Stiff. Had trouble with my guns while installing them. Had to abort after reaching the IP. No.1 engine gave out due to flak hit. Flew home on three engines without fighter escort protection, alone!" Many years later, George remembered a further incident that occurred on his first mission. "About the IP, a silver P-51 with German markings came right up into our formation -- the pilot waved, pulled up and was gone -- everyone was so surprised that not a shot was fired!"

.... The 91st Bomb Group's very last combat mission of the war was to Pilsen on 25th April 1945 and Outhouse Mouse was there. George recorded his thoughts after the mission in his diary. "A rough one today -- heavy flak, missed the target -- made a 360 left and made the run again thru flak. 3 B17s went down nearby -- one a direct bomb bay hit explosion. The other two rolled over in flames -- saw only 5 chutes from those aircraft. Our No.3 engine was knocked out during bomb run then our elevator cables were cut by flak -- only two of seven held. Jorgenson (engineer) spliced both cables together and saved all our asses -- Lindy (Limberger) stayed in the tail position to operate rudder yoke upon landing, by hand -- no easy task! Very tired."

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Lt Harvey, pilot of Outhouse Mouse had no lucky charm to protect him during his missions but he would NOT start an engine before performing this ritual near the tail wheel. In daylight or darkness, rain, snow, storm or hail he would relieve himself first!


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