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No Balls Atoll
B-29A-15-BN 42-93925

29th Bomb Group, 43rd Bomb Squadron

This aircraft was also known as
City of Arcadia

We have been unable to locate any photograph of this aircraft.
If you have any further information on its crew(s), mission details or pictures/documents relevant to this (or any other aircraft) we would be pleased to receive copies.
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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


9 Mar 1945?Tokyo?
11 Mar 1945?Nagoya docksAborted
13 Mar 1945?Osaka?
16 Mar 1945?Kobe?
18 Mar 1945?Nagoya docks?
24 Mar 1945?NagoyaMitsubishi factory
27 Mar 1945?Omura?
3 Apr 1945?Shizuock?
6 Apr 1945?NagoyaMitsubishi factory
11 Apr 1945?Koriyama?
13 Apr 1945?Tokyo Arsenal?
15 Apr 1945?KawasakiAborted
16 Apr 1945?Kanoya?
20 Apr 1945?Kushira?
21 Apr 1945?Miyazaki?
25 Apr 1945?Miyazaki?
3 May 1945?Tachiari airfield?
4 May 1945?Oita Arsenal?
9 May 1945?Otake & Tokuyama?
13 May 1945?Nagoya?
16 May 1945?NagoyaMitsubishi factory
18 May 1945?Hamamatsu?
23 May 1945?Tokyo?
28 May 1945?Yokohama?
9 Jun 1945?Tachikawa?
14 Jun 1945?Osaki?
19 Jun 1945?Shizuocka?
21 Jun 1945?Tamashima?
25 Jun 1945?Nagoya Arsenal?
28 Jun 1945?Nobeoka?
6 Jul 1945?Kafu?
9 Jul 1945?Gifu area?
16 Jul 1945?Hiratsuka

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