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9th Seabees
B-29-50-BW 42-24828

505th Bomb Group, 484th Bomb Squadron

This aircraft was also known as
Lil Spook

9th Seabees

F-13 model, listed as missing on 26th May 1945 - cause unknown, whilst of mission to Tokyo. Missing air crew report # 14514.

The right side of this Superfortress carried the title "Lil Spook". It was named by the crew of Maj Charles Johnson whose nickname was "Big Spook", painted just below his pilot window on the left side. Johnson's crew may have flown as many as 17 missions in this B29 commencing with 24th January 45 to Iwo Jima through to 23rd May to Tokyo. Two days later it was the crew of William Helfert who took it back to Tokyo never to return.

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