USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Miss Behave
P-47D 42-8434

355th Fighter Group

Nose art painted by
355th Fighter Group

Miss Behave

Capt Henry Kucheman reportedly flew 30 successful missions in this Thunderbolt before its transfer to 352FG. Art DeCosta recalled that this was his first nose art and it shows a great likeness to the imagery he painted onto the walls of the Officers Club at Steeple Morden.

DeCosta used his technique of masking out a background area and then spraying with white to give a good ground to work on. Using oil paints purchased from a shop in Cambridge mixed with varnish he achieved a stunning piece of art.

When the 355FG transferred to flying Mustangs this Thunderbolt was sent to 352FG and was flown by Lt Robert Berkshire. Sadly, his CO was offended by the "risque" art and ordered it to be removed.

There is some confusion on this P47 as some sources indicate that 42-8434 was damaged on 17 October 43 and was later sent to 352FG to become "Desiree Y" before crashing on 9 April 44 with Frederick Yochim in the pilot seat. A second Thunderbolt 42-22515 was then painted with the "Miss Behave" art and it was this aircraft which was assigned to Lt Berkshire at 352FG and ordered to have its nose art removed.

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