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Milk Wagon
B-17G-70-BO 43-37756

447th Bomb Group, 708th Bomb Squadron

Milk Wagon
According to the official records of 447BG, "Milk Wagon" completed a total of 129 combat sorties, with no mechanical aborts, prior to the cessation of hostilities.

We have only been able to identify 123. If you can offer any further information on this aircraft, its crews and missions, photos, etc,please make contact.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


18 May 1944  Delivered to Cheyenne Modification Center
27 May 1944  To Kearney AAB. Nebraska
8 Jun 1944  To Dow Field AAB and assigned overseas
9 Jun 1944  Assigned to 447BG
20 Jun 1944E F GibsonFallerslebenFirst combat sortie
21 Jun 1944J E YoungBerlin 
22 Jun 1944J E YoungAbortive 
24 Jun 1944E F GibsonBremen 
25 Jun 1944Lt LeitchVercorsSupply drop to French Resistance fighters
29 Jun 1944Lt DouglasBohlen 
6 Jul 1944Lt ThorpeBerck airfeld 
7 Jul 1944J E YoungMerseburgMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil. ;
11 Jul 1944Lt QuintinMunich 
13 Jul 1944J E YoungMunich 
14 Jul 1944J E YoungSouthern FranceSupply drop to French Resistance fighters
16 Jul 1944J E YoungStuttgart 
18 Jul 1944J E YoungKiel 
19 Jul 1944Lt HawkinsEberbach 
20 Jul 1944J E YoungMerseburgMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
21 Jul 1944J E YoungRegensburg 
24 Jul 1944Lt MitchellSt Lo (abortive)Tactical ground support
27 Jul 1944J E YoungOstend (abortive) 
1 Aug 1944Lt LakemanSouth East FranceSupply drop to French Resistance fighters
2 Aug 1944J E YoungParis area 
4 Aug 1944Lt McKinleyOstend coastal defences 
7 Aug 1944R F AdamsAnizy (abortive) 
8 Aug 1944J E YoungBretteville sur Laise 
9 Aug 1944J E YoungAachenTactical ground support
11 Aug 1944J E YoungBelfort rail yards 
13 Aug 1944J E YoungTacticalGround support
14 Aug 1944J R JamesMannheim 
16 Aug 1944J F NoonanRositz 
18 Aug 1944J E YoungSt Dizier airfield 
24 Aug 1944J R JamesBrux 
30 Aug 1944Lt WestropeBremen 
1 Sep 1944Lt WestropeAbortive 
3 Sep 1944Lt PolanskyBrest coastal defences 
5 Sep 1944Lt WestropeBrest harbour 
8 Sep 1944J F NoonanMainz 
17 Sep 1944Lt WestropeArnhemFlak towers in support of airborne drop
19 Sep 1944Lt WestropeCoblenz rail yards 
27 Sep 1944Lt RussellLudwigshavenFlew with 94BG composite formation
28 Sep 1944Lt RussellMerseburgMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
2 Oct 1944Lt WestropeKassel 
3 Oct 1944Lt WestropeGiebelstadt airfield 
5 Oct 1944Lt TietjenMunster / LoddenheideAirfield
9 Oct 1944Lt WestropeGustavburg 
12 Oct 1944Lt WestropeBremenLost #4 eng over enemy territory, turned back
14 Oct 1944Lt WestropeCologne 
17 Oct 1944Lt WestropeCologne 
18 Oct 1944Lt WestropeKassel / Mittefeld 
19 Oct 1944Lt TietjenMannhiem 
22 Oct 1944Lt WingMunster 
25 Oct 1944Lt TietjenHamburg / Harburg 
26 Oct 1944W C HuberHannover 
30 Oct 1944Lt WigginMerseburg (recalled)Merseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
2 Nov 1944W C HuberMerseburg2Lt R Femoyer (N) awarded posthumous Medal of Honor Merseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
4 Nov 1944W C HuberHamburg / Rhenania 
5 Nov 1944W C HuberLudwigshaven 
6 Nov 1944Lt RussellNeumunster 
9 Nov 1944W C HuberFrench-German border 
16 Nov 1944Lt LovettDurenLanded at Welford Park due to visibility
21 Nov 1944W C HuberCoblenz 
25 Nov 1944Lt LundMerseburgMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
30 Nov 1944Lt HightLutzkendorf 
10 Dec 1944W C HuberCoblenz / Lutzel 
11 Dec 1944W C HuberCoblenz rail yards 
12 Dec 1944Lt MiddleerDarmstadt 
15 Dec 1944Lt SchwabHannover rail yards 
24 Dec 1944W C HuberBabenhausen 
30 Dec 1944W C HuberMannheim rail yards 
31 Dec 1944W C HuberWenzendorf airfieldChaff a/c
1 Jan 1945W C HuberDolbergen 
2 Jan 1945W C HuberNalbachTactical ground support
3 Jan 1945W C HuberCoblenz rail yards 
6 Jan 1945W C HuberWorms rail yard 
7 Jan 1945W C HuberPaderborn rail yard 
15 Jan 1945W C HuberAugsburg 
16 Jan 1945W C HuberMagdeburgLanded away
20 Jan 1945W C HuberHeilbronn rail yard 
29 Jan 1945Lt DeweyKassel 
1 Feb 1945Lt ClarkWesel rail bridgeFlew with 385BG formation
3 Feb 1945Lt HammondBerlin Tempelhof 
14 Feb 1945Lt ClarkWesel rail bridgeChaff a/c
15 Feb 1945Lt ClarkCottbs rail yard 
16 Feb 1945Lt ClarkWesel rail bridge 
19 Feb 1945W C HuberWesel rail bridge 
22 Feb 1945Lt ClarkAalen rail yard 
23 Feb 1945Lt ClarkCrailsheim rail yard 
24 Feb 1945Lt ClarkBremen 
25 Feb 1945Lt GurneyNeuberg 
26 Feb 1945Lt ClarkBerlin Alexanderplatz 
27 Feb 1945ClarkLiepzig 
1 Mar 1945ClarkAugsburg 
2 Mar 1945A N JacquesDresden 
3 Mar 1945M S MaxwellBrunswick 
7 Mar 1945ClarkDattein-Emscher Lippe 
8 Mar 1945Lt ClarkFrankfurt rail yard 
9 Mar 1945Lt ClarkFrankfurt airfields 
10 Mar 1945Lt ClarkDortmund rail yard 
11 Mar 1945Lt ClarkHamburg 
12 Mar 1945Lt ClarkMarburg rail yard 
14 Mar 1945M S MaxwellHannover / Gebruder 
17 Mar 1945Lt GurneyRuhland 
18 Mar 1945Lt DankmyerBerlin 
19 Mar 1945Lt DankmyerZwickau 
20 Mar 1945E N WarrenHamburg 
21 Mar 1945A N JacquesWittmundshafen airfield 
22 Mar 1945Lt ClarkMilitary camp 
23 Mar 1945Lt ClarkHolzwickede 
24 Mar 1945Lt RobertsVarrelbusch airfield 
28 Mar 1945Lt ClarkHannover rail yard 
30 Mar 1945Lt GurneyHamburg 
31 Mar 1945S L RadusSalzwedel airfield 
3 Apr 1945S L RadusKiel 
4 Apr 1945S L RadusKiel 
9 Apr 1945Lt ClarkNeuberg airfield 
10 Apr 1945Lt ClarkBrandenburg airfield 
11 Apr 1945Lt DankmyerIngolstadt airfield 
14 Apr 1945Lt ClarkRoyan 
15 Apr 1945Lt ClarkRoyan defencesCarried napalm
16 Apr 1945Lt ClarkRoyan harbour 
17 Apr 1945M S MaxwellDresden 
19 Apr 1945T D MaxwellDresden rail yard 
20 Apr 1945Lt ClarkNeuruppin rail yard 
21 Apr 1945Lt ClarkIngolstadt rail yard129th combat mission -- highest in 447BG
9 Jul 1945  Returned to Bradley Field, USA
13 Jul 1945  To RFC Kingman, Arizona, for scrapping


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