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Maine Flyer


Maine Flyer

This C54 Skymaster resulted from a War Bond Drive undertaken in February 1945 by pupils of Maine Township High School who accepted the challenge to raise sufficient funds within two weeks. In fact, they raised a total in excess of $551,000, far more than was needed.

The dedication ceremony was carried out at the nearby Douglas Aircraft plant and was attended by the entire school. The silver Skymaster was emblazoned with the slogan "Faster and higher - that's Maine's Flyer" together with the title of the school.

The number 332 was also shown on the nose and it is not known if this was the Douglas production number or the last 3 digits of the USAAF serial number. Anyone who can clarify this - please make contact.

The aircraft was believed to have been involved in transporting supplies to various naval bases during the closing months of WW2 and later served in the Korean War. It was reportedly found in pieces many years later after being in civilian use.

In 2013, pupils of the East Maine School were given an assignment to produce a documentary on "their" plane which involved interviews with surviving workers from the Douglas plant and received much media coverage upon completion.


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