USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Louise Mary
B-24J-210-CO 44-41354

307th Bomb Group


Nose art painted by
Pfc Joseph ORIGLIO
307th Bomb Group
New Guinea & Luzon & Morotai

Louise Mary Photo courtesy of John Campbell
Photo courtesy of John Campbell

Origlio's painting was created from one of the pin-up girl post cards popular with the GI?s during the War. They were called Mutoscope cards and were dispensed from vending machines in places like amusement parks. They were produced in the 1940?s by a company called Mutoscope Reel Company. The card that was the inspiration for this painting was called ?Sport Model? and this same image also appeared on many other aircraft during the War.

Assigned to the 13th Air Force in September 1944, the plane became the regular mount for Lt Steffy's crew who completed at least nine of their missions in the Liberator. It eventually sustained severe damage and was scraped in the South Pacific in April 1945.

  Additional image Of  
The original Mutoscope card

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


5 Jul 1944L W SteffyYap AFBullet through #2 prop
20 Jul 1944Harris / PatrickYapR/E (NS) - (Record shows #0354)??
22 Jul 1944L W Steffy Jr / MorganYap AFDestroyed "Zeke"
29 Jul 1944Rice / McLaughlinWolsai
31 Jul 1944L W Steffy Jr / Morgan 
4 Aug 1944L W Steffy Jr / MorganYap ADCamera a/c
6 Aug 1944Fraker / BlauveltYap islandRecord shows #0354 ??
10 Aug 1944L W Steffy Jr / MorganYap Island
28 Aug 1944L W Steffy Jr / MorganKoror
31 Aug 1944L W Steffy Jr / MorganMalakal
3 Sep 1944L W Steffy / ?Koror TownCamera a/c
10 Sep 1944May / ToonHatetabako AD, HalmaherasRecord shows #0354 ??
18 Sep 1944Lewis / KenyonAmbon-CeramRecord shows #0354 ??
30 Sep 1944McKenzie / YorkBalikpapan Record shows #0354 ??
3 Oct 1944L W Steffy Jr / MorganBalikpapan
10 Oct 1944L W Steffy Jr / MorganBalikpapanDestroyed "Tojo"
14 Oct 1944Jonas / Capt LawsonBalikpapan
18 Oct 1944Liljedahl / SchusterBalikpapan
18 Nov 1944Muller / YorkTarakan Island
19 Nov 1944T C Harris Jr / Capt R W Kimmerly (wia)Alicante AD, NegrosCamera a/c
11 Dec 1944Capt Lawson / Freedman 
15 Dec 1944Poggi / French 
21 Dec 1944D A MacDonald / C E JohnsonFabrica RR
24 Dec 1944Whitehead / GrizzlePuerto Princess Ad
27 Dec 1944McDonald / JohnsonTalisa(?) ADCamera a/c

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