USAAF Nose Art Research Project


Loman French Dressing


Nose art painted by
50th Station Complement
Shipdham, England

Loman French Dressing

This beauty was painted by Jack Loman in the 14CBW shower block and has been preserved so that it exists today. The original image was one created by Gil Elvgren and entitled "French Dressing". It appeared initially as a magazine pin-up but also produced in a small booklet which was printed so that each image could be easily torn out cleanly especially for framing or pinning on the wall. The booklet stated that it could be "Easily mailed to any part of the world for 3c (3rd Class). Must be mailed under 12c postage (1st Class) to Army men in foreign countries." The contents were, no doubt, displayed in many a Nissen hut and building in every theatre of operation and inspired numerous nose art examples of different types of airplane.


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