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Little Miss Mischief
B-17G-35-VE 42-97880

91st Bomb Group, 324th Bomb Squadron


Nose art painted by
Cpl Anthony L STARCER
91st Bomb Group
Bassingbourn, England

Little Miss Mischief

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During the mission of 15th October 1944, Little Miss Mischief was seriously damaged by flak on approach to the target, tearing open a large hole in the left waist and almost cutting the aircraft in two. Following return to Bassingbourn the relatively undamaged front of the aircraft was joined with the rear portion of "Wallaroo Mark II" (42-31405, a B-17G of 303BG), which had crash landed on a non-combat flight on 7th August and been declared salvage. Parts of 13 other aircraft were also used in the repair.

The resulting aircraft was unusual in that whilst Little Miss Mischief was natural metal finish, Wallaroo Mark II was painted olive drab, resulting in an aircraft with a silver front and olive drab rear.

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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


23 Mar 1944? Delivered to USAAC at Tulsa AAB
18 May 1944? To Hunter AAB
29 May 1944? To Dow Field AAB for overseas deployment
15 Jun 1944? Assigned to 91BG 324BS a/c "F"
18 Jun 1944F/O J BessoloHamburg?
20 Jun 1944H Sherrill Taxi accident, hit A-20 on runway
22 Jun 1944F/O J BessoloMasingarbe - Pont a Verdin?
23 Jun 1944F/O J BessoloFleury (abortive)?
24 Jun 1944F/O J BessoloSaumer RR BridgeCategory A - minor flak damage
25 Jun 1944F/O J BessoloToulouse-BlagnacCategory A - minor flak damage
28 Jun 1944F/O J BessoloAnizy RR bridge?
4 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloTours RR bridge (abortive)?
6 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloAire NoBallCategory A - minor flak damage (v-weapon site)
7 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloLeipzig-Kolleda?
9 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloCrepieul-FleuryCategory AC - major flak damage
12 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloMunichCategory A - minor flak damage
13 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloMunichCategory A - minor flak damage
16 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloMunich?
24 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloSt Lo (tactical)?
25 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloSt Lo (tactical)?
28 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloMerseburg - TauchaCategory A - minor flak damage
29 Jul 1944F/O J BessoloMerseburgCategory A - minor flak damage
1 Aug 1944R R Goldsmith(?)Chartres airfieldpossibly flown by JR Lyons(?) (data conflict)
3 Aug 1944J BessoloMulhouse - Toul"One flak hole in ship"
4 Aug 1944J BessoloPeenemundeCategory A - minor flak damage
5 Aug 1944J BessoloNienburg?
6 Aug 1944J BessoloBrandenburgCategory A - minor flak damage
8 Aug 1944J BessoloBretteville-sur-LaizeCategory A - minor battle damage -- brought bombs back
9 Aug 1944L M WaltonElsenborn?
12 Aug 1944L F FigieBuc airfieldJettisoned one bomb in Channel
13 Aug 1944P R McDowellLe Manoir bridge?
14 Aug 1944R H BrownMetz-Frascaty airfield?
15 Aug 1944H SherrillOstheimCategory AC - major battle damage -- (BT)+(WG) wounded
24 Aug 1944J BessoloKolleda - Goslar airfields?
26 Aug 1944J BessoloGelsenkirchenCategory AC - major flak damage
27 Aug 1944P R McDowellHeligoland (Berlin abort)Brought bombs back
30 Aug 1944K S SmithKiel?
8 Sep 1944L E GaddisLudwigshavenReturned early (non-sortie)
9 Sep 1944P R McDowellLudwigshavenReturned early (non-sortie) #2 eng out
11 Sep 1944P R McDowellLutzkendorf?
19 Sep 1944L E GaddisHamm MYCategory A - minor flak damage
21 Sep 1944P R McDowellMainzCategory A - minor battle damage
25 Sep 1944T C MartinFrankfurt?
27 Sep 1944P R McDowellCologneCategory A - minor flak damage -- bombs brought back
3 Oct 1944P R McDowellNurnberg?
6 Oct 1944C C WhitesellNeubrandenburg?
7 Oct 1944R E ManvilleRuhland-FreiburgCategory A - minor flak damage
9 Oct 1944P R McDowellSchweinfurtCategory A - minor flak damage
14 Oct 1944H B ReichertCologne?
15 Oct 1944P R McDowellCologneCategory AC - major battle damage - bellied in, (WG(+(BT) wounded
25 Nov 1944P R McDowellMerseburg?
30 Nov 1944P R McDowellZietzCategory A - minor flak damage
4 Dec 1944H W BalabanKassel?
9 Dec 1944P R McDowellStuttgart?
11 Dec 1944P R McDowellFrankfurt?
12 Dec 1944P R McDowellMerseburg?
24 Dec 1944P R McDowellMerzhausen3 bombs hung up - jettisoned
28 Dec 1944P R McDowellRemagen?
31 Dec 1944P R McDowellBitburg(P) completed his tour
2 Jan 1945J MartinPrum?
6 Jan 1945H W BalabanCologneCategory AC - major battle damage - landed in France
15 Feb 1945G ThompsonDresden?
16 Feb 1945G ThompsonGelsenkirchenCategory AC - major flak damage
19 Feb 1945G ThompsonDortmund?
28 Feb 1945E M MoyerSchwerte?
2 Mar 1945H V CampChemnitz - Jocketa?
3 Mar 1945E M MoyerChemnitzCarried leaflets
4 Mar 1945E M MoyerUlm - Reutlingen?
9 Mar 1945H V CampKasselCategory A - minor flak damage
10 Mar 1945H V CampSinsen?
14 Mar 1945E M MoyerVlotho - Osnabruck?
17 Mar 1945E M MoyerBohlen?
19 Mar 1945E M MoyerPlauen?
21 Mar 1945T M BantaSalzbergen?
22 Mar 1945T M BantaDorsten?
24 Mar 1945E M MoyerVechta?
28 Mar 1945E M MoyerBerlin - Spandau?
30 Mar 1945C E BrooksBremenCategory A - minor battledamage
4 Apr 1945E M MoyerFassbergCRASHED on takeoff -- Salvaged / Repaired?????
7 May 1945? Some sources show a/c transferred to 306BG


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