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Lil` Lu
B-17G-90-BO 43-38612

385th Bomb Group

Lil` Lu
"Lil-Lu" was named by Ted Findeiss who flew three of his missions in it and completed his tour of duty with 385th Bomb Group. If you can add to this mission list or offer any photos or further information on missions and crews relating to this aircraft I would be pleased to hear from you.

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


24 Aug 1944  Delivered to Cheyenne Modification Center
7 Sep 1944  To Hunter Field AAB
15 Sep 1944  To Grenier AAB
19 Sep 1944  Assigned to 385BG at Great Ashfield
3 Oct 1944H Kaplan /Giebelstadt 
5 Oct 1944C M Dobbins /Munster 
22 Oct 1944T C Findeiss /Munster 
26 Oct 1944Lt Rifas /Hannover 
2 Nov 1944T C Findeiss /MerseburgMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
4 Nov 1944T C Findeiss /HamburgPilot completed his tour of missions
5 Nov 1944J W Mellors /Ludwigshaven 
6 Nov 1944Van der Hellen /Duisberg/Neumunster 
9 Nov 1944J A Hibbert /Saarbrucken 
11 Nov 1944H E Woltman /Oberlahnstein/CoblenzCategory A flak damage
21 Nov 1944H C Lambert /Osnabruck 
26 Nov 1944J A Hibbert /Misburg/Hamm 
27 Nov 1944J A Hibbert /Bingen 
30 Nov 1944L M Brown /MunsterMerseburg
6 Dec 1944A R Hufford /Lutzkendorf/HannoverMISSING IN ACTION, crashlanded and set on fire by crew See Merseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.


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