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B-17G-40-BO 42-97126

100th Bomb Group, 351st Bomb Squadron

The Latest Rumor
My thanks for Jack O'Leary and Mike Faley for supplying much information on the missions dates for this B17. If you can add any further information on dates or crews please contact me

Known Mission List

Date Pilot


8 Apr 1944K J Dille /Quackenbruck airfieldReturned early - spare a/c (non-sortie)
9 Apr 1944K J Dille /Krzesinki (recalled) 
10 Apr 1944K J Dille /ReimsReturned early - spare a/c (non-sortie)
11 Apr 1944K J Dille /RostockReturned early - spare a/c (non-sortie)
12 Apr 1944K J Dille /Schkeudiz (recalled) 
13 Apr 1944K J Dille /Augsburg 
18 Apr 1944E Zapf /Berlin 
20 Apr 1944K J Dille /Marquenneville (NoBall)V-weapon site
22 Apr 1944K J Dille /Hamm 
24 Apr 1944K J Dille /Friedrichshafen 
27 Apr 1944K J Dille /Flottemanville (NoBall)V-weapon site - morning mission
27 Apr 1944K J Dille /Le Culot airfieldReturned early - spare a/c (non-sortie) - afternoon mission
28 Apr 1944E J Siewert /Sottevast (NoBall)V-weapon site - jettisoned load
29 Apr 1944K J Dille /Berlin 
1 May 1944E J Simmons /Wizernes (abortive)Morning mission
11 May 1944K J Dille /Liege 
12 May 1944N P ScottBrux 
13 May 1944K J Dille /Osnabruck 
19 May 1944G W Rake /BerlinCategory Ac damage (serious) - fuselage, wing, #2 gas tank
25 May 1944K J Dille /Brussels 
27 May 1944R J Simmons /Strasbourg 
29 May 1944E W WolfLeipzig 
30 May 1944K J Dille /Troyes 
31 May 1944K J Dille /Osnabruck 
2 Jun 1944K J Dille /BoulogneCoastal defences - morning mission
4 Jun 1944K J Dille /BoulogneCoastal defences
5 Jun 1944K J Dille /BoulogneCoastal defences
6 Jun 1944K J Dille /OuistrehamD-Day defences - morning mission
7 Jun 1944K J Dille /Nantes 
8 Jun 1944R Cumming /Tours 
10 Jun 1944K J Dille /Morlaix airdrome (recalled) 
12 Jun 1944K J Dille /RosieresSerious damage to right wing, fuselage and radio room
14 Jun 1944K J Dille /Le Culot airfield (abortive) 
18 Jun 1944K J Dille /BrunsbuttelkoogReturned with two bombs hung up
20 Jun 1944K J Dille /Fallersleben 
21 Jun 1944K J Dille /Frantic shuttle to RussiaLanded near Kieve short of fuel
26 Jun 1944K J Dille /DrobhabyczShuttle flight from Russia to Italy
3 Jul 1944K J Dille / J L PasserinoArod, RumaniaFlown from Italy
5 Jul 1944K J Dille /BeziersFlown with 95BG returning from Italy
8 Jul 1944L G Bennett /Clamecy - Joigny RR bridge 
11 Jul 1944C W Woldt /Munich 
12 Jul 1944D L Darby / F B MusserMunich 
13 Jul 1944F A Ricci /Munich 
14 Jul 1944J R Ransom /Southern FranceSupplies to French Resistance
17 Jul 1944F A Ricci /Ludwigshaven 
18 Jul 1944R Cumming /Kiel - Hemmingstadt 
19 Jul 1944H W Dickert /Schweinfurt 
20 Jul 1944K J Dille /MersebergMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
21 Jul 1944K J Dille /Ludwigshaven 
24 Jul 1944K J Dille /St LoTactical ground support
25 Jul 1944J Passerino /St LoTactical ground support
28 Jul 1944F A Ricci /MersebergMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
29 Jul 1944W B Kennedy /MersebergMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
31 Jul 1944F A Ricci /Munich 
2 Aug 1944F A Ricci /Torgnier - La Fiere 
3 Aug 1944F A Ricci /Troyes 
4 Aug 1944F A Ricci /Hamburg 
5 Aug 1944F A Ricci /MagdeburgReturned early, jettisoned bombs (non-sortie)
11 Aug 1944R L Stevenson /Villacoublay airfield 
14 Aug 1944R L Stevenson /Ludwigshaven 
15 Aug 1944F A Ricci /Venlo airfield 
24 Aug 1944O E Hopkins / F ReadRuhland 
25 Aug 1944D L Darby / F B MusserPolitzPossible clerical error
26 Aug 1944F A Ricci /BrestGun batteries
30 Aug 1944O E Hopkins / F ReadBremen 
3 Sep 1944O E Hopkins / F ReadBrestGun batteries -- made two runs over target
5 Sep 1944F A Ricci /Stuttgart 
8 Sep 1944F A Ricci /Mainz 
9 Sep 1944F A Ricci /Dusseldorf 
12 Sep 1944L G Bennett /Magdeburg 
13 Sep 1944D N Ellison /Sindelfingen 
18 Sep 1944C J Hedin /WarsawSecond "Frantic" shuttle to Russia
19 Sep 1944C J Hedin /Szolnok 
25 Sep 1944F A Ricci /Ludwigshaven 
26 Sep 1944H W Dickert /Bremen 
27 Sep 1944W B Kennedy /Ludwigshaven 
28 Sep 1944F A Ricci /MersebergMerseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
30 Sep 1944C Williams /Bielefeld 
5 Nov 1944?LudwigshavenCategory AC (serious) damage - flak hit #7 tokyo tank
26 Nov 1944?HammCategory A damage
30 Nov 1944?MersebergLanded at Brussels Merseburg : Blood, Flak & Oil.
6 Feb 1945A Munoz /Bohlen 
9 Feb 1945A Munoz /WeimerCamera a/c
15 Feb 1945?Cottbus 
17 Feb 1945A Munoz /Frankfurt / Giessen 
19 Feb 1945A Munoz /Osnabruck / Munster 
21 Feb 1945A Munoz /NurnbergCategory A damage "Hole a foot long in horizontal stabilizer", 2ft from (TG) Jack Ford' shoulder!
25 Feb 1945A Munoz /MunichReturned early with runaway #1 prop - (non-sortie)
26 Feb 1945L L Bazin /Berlin 
2 Mar 1945L J Lazzari /Ruhland / DresdenFlew C sqn, lead flight 2nd element
7 Mar 1945A Munoz /Siegen 
8 Mar 1945P R Powell /Langendeer/GiessenFlew C sqn, low flight
12 Mar 1945A Munoz /Oranienburg; (Swinemunde)Flew C sqn, led low flight
14 Mar 1945J M Harbison /Hannover / SeitzFlew B sqn, low flight
15 Mar 1945A Munoz /OranienburgFlew B sqn, led low flight
18 Mar 1945A Munoz /Berlin & FalkenburgFlew B sqn, led low flight
19 Mar 1945G A Plank /Lutzkendorf, Fulda & JenaFlew B sqn, low flight
21 Mar 1945A Munoz /Plauen / HandorfCategory A damage
22 Mar 1945A Munoz /Alhorn 
28 Mar 1945A Munoz /HanoverFlew B sqn, led 3rd element - camera a/c
3 Apr 1945A MunozKielFlew A sqn, 2nd element
4 Apr 1945J W Johnson /KielFlew C sqn, 1st element
5 Apr 1945D J Wallish /Nurnburg 
7 Apr 1945R W Wilkes /BuchenFlew A sqn, 2nd element
8 Apr 1945A Munoz /Eger marshalling yardsFlew C sqn, 3rd element
9 Apr 1945A Munoz /Munich Reim AFFlew D sqn, led 3rd element
11 Apr 1945C F Dixon /LandshutFlew A sqn, 3rd element
14 Apr 1945P W Schmidt /RoyanFlew C sqn, 3rd element
15 Apr 1945P R Powell /RoyanFlew D sqn, 3rd element
16 Apr 1945I W Rosenbaum /Royan 
17 Apr 1945J A Lantz /Aussig 
19 Apr 1945H L Hendricks /PracticeNon sortie, flew A sqn, 2nd element
20 Apr 1945H L Hendricks /Oranienburg 
20 Apr 1945H L Hendricks /Oranienburg; 
25 Apr 1945A Munoz /PracticeNon sortie, flew A sqn, 3rd element
1 May 1945A Munoz /Chowhound - HagueFood drop to Dutch civilians;
2 May 1945J D McGeorge /Chowhound - SchipolFood drop to Dutch civilians
3 May 1945H L Hendricks /Chowhound - BergenFood drop to Norwegian civilians, D sqn, 3rd element
4 May 1945R N Grover / C J O'LearyChowhound (scrubbed)Non sortie
5 May 1945R N Grover / C J O'LearyChowhound - HilvresumFood drop to Dutch civilians
6 May 1945H L Hendricks /Chowhound - SchipolFood drop to Dutch civilians
7 May 1945A Munoz /Chowhound - SchipolFood drop to Dutch civilians
15 May 1945A Munoz /HorschingPOW ferry
16 May 1945Drottmer /HorschingPOW ferry -- Undercarriage collapsed, bulldozed clear by tank


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