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Kansas-City Kitty
B-24J-205-CO 44-41255

22nd Bomb Group, 33rd Bomb Squadron


Nose art painted by
Sgt Charles CHESTNUT
22nd Bomb Group, 33rd Bomb Squadron

Kansas-City Kitty

Kansas-City Kitty completed more than 50 missions during its combat tour and was named after the home town of its original crew chief TSgt Charles Donnelly. A collection was made from various flight crew men to pay for Sgt Chestnut to come up with one of his classic nose arts ? they were not disappointed with the result as it proved to be one of his finest. Rather than simply paint the languishing nude, Chestnut added in bright red studded sofa with a dark blue/black throw which gives the image an even greater impact.

Arriving with squadron in December 44, this B24 was taken by as many as 30 different crews during its tour of duty but it is unclear whether the aircraft made it back to the USA for scrapping. It seems to have been withdrawn from operations in mid-July and may have continued flying on non-combat duties such as R&R trips from Clark Field.

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Known Mission List

Date Pilot


2 Jan 1945Malabacat Strip
4 Jan 1945Malabacat Strip
7 Jan 1945StoneClark Field
9 Jan 1945WilkinsonMalabacat Strip
15 Jan 1945WilkinsonFort Stotsenberg
5 Mar 1945CookeLuzon LG
6 Mar 1945CookeLuzon LG
16 Mar 1945HeatonTaihoku
17 Mar 1945GallawayShinchiku
20 Mar 1945ParisLuzon LGR/E (NS) - abort
21 Mar 1945RalphsSamah AD
22 Mar 1945KennedyBalete Pass
23 Mar 1945HeatonJitsugestu-tan
24 Mar 1945MarcotteTakao
25 Mar 1945Balete PassR/E (NS) - weather abort
28 Mar 1945HardestyTainan
31 Mar 1945StinsonKiirun
1 Apr 1945ParisGiran AD
2 Apr 1945HutchinsonFort Drum
4 Apr 1945WheelerHong Kong
7 Apr 1945HeadleyTainan
11 Apr 1945ParisOkayama
15 Apr 1945ReinkaTainan
17 Apr 1945HanichShinchiku
18 Apr 1945Van ScyocTainan
21 Apr 1945EinsmannTainan
23 Apr 1945LarcomMatsuyama
30 Apr 1945EinsmannToshien Strip
3 May 1945ColemanIpo
4 May 1945CookeIpo Dam
5 May 1945DavisAmoy
9 May 1945HuntTien-ho AD
11 May 1945ColemanToshien
13 May 1945LarcomTueguegaro
15 May 1945HuntShinchiku
18 May 1945HughesTainan
24 May 1945WheelerAparri
1 Jun 1945HuntTakao
18 Jun 1945FoleyKiirun
19 Jun 1945Leroy OlsakKiirun & Koshun
20 Jun 1945Shinchiku
22 Jun 1945GottschalkCanton
25 Jun 1945FoleyKuching & Trombol
26 Jun 1945HowardTrombol
28 Jun 1945CochranSW Coast Borneo
29 Jun 1945HughesTrombol
2 Jul 1945WhiteKamioka & Toyohara AD
5 Jul 1945HuntTaihoku
6 Jul 1945GianarelliTainan
9 Jul 1945KinesOkaseki
11 Jul 1945Leroy OlsakShinchiku

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